Zaytinya Easter Lamb

Some time last week, I heard a mention about the special Easter lamb sandwich they’re serving at Zaytinya during lunch time through April 16, and coincidentally, I Flip For Food blogged about it on that very same day! Of course, I took that as a sign that I ought to go. (^O^)v

I like Zaytinya a lot, and the only reason I haven’t posted about it yet is because I never seem to have my camera with me when I eat there. (I’ve had my iPhone with me, but the pics don’t turn out well). Hopefully one of these days, I’ll actually get around to doing a full-on post.

The lamb for the special was prepared right on the patio, which really brought out that outdoorsy, “spring has arrived!” sort of feeling. Although I have to be honest, seeing the whole lamb rotating over a roasting pit was a bit alarming. (O___o)

So the deal is, $7 for roasted lamb on a pita bread, topped with cucumber yogurt sauce, red onions, spring onions, and some leafy greens. You can also get iced tea ($2) or a box of Greek Easter cookies ($5).

I found the sandwich kind of messy and wet, so I did have to use a knife and fork to eat it. Granted, I did take it back with me to the office instead of eating it on the spot, which might be why the juices went running all over. I also found the portion to be pretty small. The lamb, however, was excellent. Loved it. ♥ If you’re in that area for lunch this week, you should pop over to check it out. You might even catch Chef Mike Isabella on the premises (though I didn’t see him when I went). =D

Ha! Thanks for the mention! I’m in a lamb obsession faze right now, and Zaytinya serves some of the best. Beautiful photo.

Cool, I’m a huge fan of lamb as well, and this one did not disappoint. And thanks! X) ♥


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