Le Pain Quotidien

My first encounter with Le Pain Quotidien was in Bryant Park, New York, a couple years ago. I loved it! Even the pesto sauce in my sandwich, which was unusual for me, since I had an inexplicable aversion to pesto. I was pretty excited when the chain finally made its way to the D.C. area, and I believe the first of their local branches was the Bethesda store. I’ve popped over there several times since it opened, but this would be my first time blogging them. (^__^)v This post combines a couple visits that I made there in the last few weeks.

The decor: I like the interior quite a bit. There are high ceilings throughout and a shiny counter filled with delicious looking pastries in the front. And of course, there has to be the signature communal table, a colossal slab of reclaimed wood that dominates the center of the room. The Bethesda store has two dining areas, each one with its own communal table. I like sitting at the communal table, as it’s more spacious and comfortable.

And now for the food: Pictured above is the grilled chicken and smoked mozzarella tartine “with arugula and basil pesto.” I’m not sure that I got any arugula, and I would know because I love arugula. There was definitely some kind of green leaf, but it might have been something else. Very tasty indeed, even the pesto. XD Although, I do feel like it’s a bit pricey for what you get.

More after the jump:

Looooooved my mint lemonade! So refreshing and simple. I could have this everyday in the summer time.

All their coffee drinks come in these round, handle-less cups that I rather adore. This is the large sized cappuccino. My friend had an iced version of this, and said it was very good!

The coffee is served in a mini pot. I believe you could get a refill for about half the price.

Tomato and avocado omelette. When my friend ordered this, the waiter asked if she wanted it made with just the egg whites (she said yes). Two weeks later, I was back again with my brother, who ordered the same omelette, but the waiter didn’t ask about the egg white version. Strange… (I wondered whether they only asked the female customers this question? Lol).

On my second visit, I ordered the Tuscan white bean and prosciutto salad with arugula, shaved parmesan, and basil croutons. This had all the things I love: arugula, cheese, prosciutto, basil. It was fabulous. (*____*) I especially enjoyed the croutons, which were dripping with the flavor of olive oil and basil.

They have some amazing pastries here…this one is an apple tart with almonds. It was just the right amount of sweetness, and the apple flavor really came through quite well. My brother got the apricot tart, and he loved it.

I only wish that there was a Le Pain Quotidien located closer to me! I would go there everyday if I could. X) ♥

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