25 Apr 2010, 11:07am


Häagen-Dazs Amaretto Almond Crunch

Spotted this new “limited edition” Häagen-Dazs Amaretto Almond Crunch at the grocery store and I had to snap it up! Almond liqueur has a sweet and distinct flavor that I absolutely adore, so I was very excited to try it as an ice cream flavor.

They added almond brittle in this Häagen-Dazs version, which I actually enjoyed. I usually prefer ice cream without much thrown into it, which is why Ben & Jerry’s usually is not my thing. (Too much to chew on…it makes my teeth hurt). But the brittle wasn’t so overwhelming here, and the caramel and almonds added a nice layer of sweetness. In short, I loved it! ♥

Picture under the cut:

I love this new flavor. I just can’t find it now that I am addicted to it.

Amaretto Almond Crunch is fantastic, absolutely delicious ice cream. I live in New York City in the borough of Brooklyn and I recently found the limited edition in the supermarket (August 2010). Hopefully there will be more deliveries of this ice cream to the supermarkets. Amaretto Almond Crunch is sinfully good, I want more.

I just spotted this flavor and Im so upset it’s a limited edition. I hope it becomes a regular flavor! This by far is their best flavor & my new favorite ice cream! DELICIOUS!

Indeed it is the BEST. My grocery stores stopped carrying it but I still eagerly check without any luck! They replaced it with the peppermint bark limited edition. I want my amaretto almond crunch back!!!!!! :(


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