Cork is a little wine bar located near Logan Circle. I’ve wanted to try it for a while now, and last week, I finally had the occasion to go! I took my friend there for a birthday dinner, and it was quite lovely.

I ordered a drink at the bar while I waited for my friend, and by the bartender’s recommendation, I got a white sparkling wine – Domaine des Terrisses, “Cuvée Saint Laurent”, Méthode Gaillacoise. It was described as having a “caramel and apple nose” and “lightly sweet with flavors of apple and whipped cream.” It was definitely a sweeter variety, and you could really truly taste the apple! It was excellent!

Before I go into the food, a little bit about the interior: it’s definitely a cozy fit, and the lighting is fairly dark. We were sitting right by the bar, and by the time we got our meal, the dinner hour was in full swing, and it was LOUD. However, there are other tables in the back that might fare better in terms of noise level.

The food here is meant to be shared, which works just perfectly for me! My friend and I picked out 2 cold plates and 3 hot plates, all of which were tasty and fabulous.

First up is pictured above – roasted leeks with burrata, braised celery, bacon, and almonds. I loved this presentation! It looked gorgeous and tasted wonderful too, with the sweetness of the roasted leeks going perfectly with the salty burrata. The almonds added a nice crunchy texture.

The rest after the jump:

My friend got the rosé flight. She usually doesn’t drink much rosé, and this tasting didn’t make much of an impression, unfortunately. I don’t think there was anything bad about these wines, but she described them as being too ‘safe’ and unremarkable overall. I think when you have a tasting selection like this, there needs to be an element of surprise…you just might find a wine you never would have considered ordering before. In that respect, I think this flight was pretty disappointing.

pistachios, toasted pistachio oil, sea salt, grilled bread

The first bite didn’t seem particularly impressive, but that’s only because all the salty goodness of the seasonings were focused around the center. Once I got to the sea salt and pistachio, it was a mouthful of joyous flavor. XD

Sautéed Wild Mushrooms
with madeira and marjoram

This was probably my least favorite dish, to be honest. I thought the mushrooms tasted good and earthy, but there was nothing particularly unique about the seasoning. I couldn’t really taste much of the madeira.

Braised Pork Cheeks
creamy polenta, sauteed spinach, black olives, orange

Aah…the pork cheeks were so tender you could break it apart with your fork.

Duck Confit
sautéed apple and parsnip, watercress salad, walnut vinaigrette, candied walnuts

I’m a huge fan of watercress, and I thought it was a nice, fresh kick that paired nicely with the fatty goodness of the duck.

In all, I really enjoyed this restaurant, and would definitely go back – hopefully soon! I’m dying to have another glass of that Domaine des Terrisses!

Cork is one of my very, very favorite restaurants in DC! I loved everything we ordered, but I must have missed that duck somehow – looks DELICIOUS.

Cool! I had a great meal there, and I enjoyed the atmosphere. Do try the duck! I hope you like it. X) ♥

Looks delicious, all of it. And those chocolates are amazing! :D

XD ♥ It was pretty tasty indeed!


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