8 Apr 2010, 10:38pm


ACKC Chocolates

After dinner at Cork, my friend and I headed a few blocks down to ACKC (Artfully Chocolate Kingsbury Confections) to get (what else) chocolates! Part of their shop is a chocolate counter with an ever changing selection of various truffles. They’re $2 a piece, and of course, you can mix and match, which is all part of the fun. (The other half of the shop is a cafe, and they serve up some very rich and interesting hot chocolates!)

I got a box of six tuffles, and they were (clockwise from the bottom left) fleur de sel, honey ginger, amaretto marzipan, pomegranate, champagne, and white peach. I still haven’t tried the first two yet, believe it or not, but the rest were very tasty indeed. ♥ I expected a little more of that almondy flavor in the marzipan, and the pomegranate was just kind of tart and not really particular to pomegranate. I did think the chocolate was nice and smooth though, and not too sweet. The white peach was interesting, as it had a jelly-like center. (^__^)v

The decoration of all of them looks so elegant!
(And most of them were tasty! XD)

Thanks for sharing!

Don’t you just love a pretty box of truffles? X) ♥


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