1905: Part II

Whoa, long time no update. (^__^);; I should’ve put this post up a while ago…my friend’s birthday dinner at 1905! I’d been there once before, and enjoyed the food and atmosphere, so was really looking forward to dining there again. ♥

Since I already covered the basics in my previous post, I’m gonna just dive right in to the food! Pictured above is my main course, which was the special of the day: Chesapeake crab cake with vegetable slaw and black eyed peas. Delicious! It had lots of crab meat and wasn’t overwhelmed by fillers. I got a few tiny sharp bits in it though, which made it somewhat uncomfortable to eat.

As for the rest:

Escargot Couverture
snails baked in pastry with maître d’hôtel butter

A friend got the escargot, which I thought was quite adventurous of her. It didn’t look very alarming though (they weren’t in their shells or anything), so I ventured a try one. I liked it! It had a texture that was similar to squid. I’m not sure I could taste its distinct flavor, but the seasoning was very rich and buttery, so perhaps that kind of masked it a bit.

Maine lobster mac & cheese
scented with fresh herbs de provence

(*_____*) And another rich and creamy dish! I think a little goes a long way with this one. As I mentioned before, it’s definitely meant for sharing.

My other appetizer was the vegetarian blue corn hushpuppies, served with house smoked brie and homemade apple butter. It was fabulous! Nice and warm, and went very well with the sweet apple butter. I took like five pictures of it, but all of them came out pretty blurry, which is why I’m not posting them here.

Vegetarian baked pasta
with housemade basil ricotta and chef’s choice of
locally farmed vegetables

I didn’t taste this dish, but the friend who had it wasn’t so thrilled. She found the pasta to be a bit bland, and the green veggie they paired with it wasn’t to her liking. (Too bitter, if I recall). Th ricotta was good, but she was surprised it came with a marinara sauce…something she might not have ordered had she known ahead of time.

For dessert, we got the fruit trifle, which was very good. The cakey parts were pretty dense but contrasted nicely with the whipped cream and fruit. This was another photo I really struggled with, so I was pleased that at least one of the half dozen pics came out in focus! XD

A lovely time was had by all, and I have to say the service was absolutely wonderful. She was very attentive and friendly. ♥

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