Zola Wine & Kitchen

Just around the corner from the Spy Museum is Zola Wine & Kitchen, a swanky wine shop / lunch counter with open kitchen. It can get a little busy during lunch time, but I think it’s worth the wait! (You can put in your order ahead of time through their website, which might cut down on your time, but I’ve never tried it before). Their menu is varied and interesting, with $10 specials that change daily.

Pictured above is the housemade fusilli with “winter vegetables, parmesan and a touch of chili.” I loved this dish. There was a lot of flavor going on, and the cheese and chili worked so well together! My only concern was that it was quite oily. By the time I got to the bottom of the bowl, I could see it swimming in the oil. I would get it again, though. XD

The rest under the cut. (And these pics are from two different lunch trips):

I love the setup they have inside the lunch area! Not only do they have the open kitchen, but they also have a large counter in front, where they lay out a number of their selections for display. It really helps when you can’t decide what to get! These roasted veggies looked quite good.

This was one of their daily specials: lamb meatballs, roasted potatoes and red pepper sauce. Loved it! The meatballs were wonderfully seasoned and tender. The red pepper sauce looked very different from what I was expecting, but the creaminess wasn’t so bad as I would’ve thought upon first inspection.

Pressed pork sandwich, pickle relish, mojo mayo, semolina bread. I didn’t have any of this one, but I heard it was pretty good!

These goat cheese tater “tots” were fabulous!! So crispy and lovely on the outside and velvety smooth and potatoey on the inside. I got them again the second time I lunched here. (^__~)v

Mmm…ahi tuna burger. This was quite good and rare. ♥ Though for myself, I prefer seared tuna by itself, and not slapped in between two pieces of bread.

I didn’t like these turkey “Swedish” meatballs at all. (>__<);; Mostly because when I bit into a piece of one, it had gristle or something in it, which had the supremely unpleasant texture of ground glass. And the meat itself was way too dense. Potatoes (crème fraiche whipped potatoes and mushroom gravy) were nice, though.

Ah, a nice little cream of tomato. Nothing spectacular, but definitely comforting, as it should be.

They didn’t have too many desserts, but they had this funny looking thing: a red velvet whoopie pie. It was a subtle, not-to-sweet grown-up version of the original. I thought the cake part was a little dry, but the cream cheese frosting was whipped perfectly. o(^__^)o

In short, can’t wait to lunch here again. ♥

I’ve always wondered about Zola (I’ve been to the Spy Museum like, a dozen times, because I keep bringing out-of-towners and I’m a huge dork); this looks GREAT, particularly the goat cheese tater tots!

Cool, I hope you get a chance to try it out, then! Btw, the Wine & Kitchen is different from Zola the restaurant, which is right next to the museum. I’ve never eaten at the restaurant, but I hear good things about it. =)

Everything looks tasty!

Even when probably you find a few quirks about it. XD;;;

Thanks for sharing!

Quirks, yeah. XD At least everything else tasted good!


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