Sushi Oishii

Sushi Oishii is a bit out of the way, near the northern border of Rockville, but it’s pretty good sushi at a reasonable price. ♥ The name means “delicious sushi,” which is kind of funny sounding, but cute. (Though perhaps not as cute as “I Love Mr. Sushi” in St. Louis). I popped in last week with my mom for a nice weekend lunch. The sushi places around here tend to close up by 2 for lunch, but Sushi Oishii stays open until 3, which is convenient for late starters.

Pictured about is their ootoro, or ultra fatty tuna, sashimi style. I’d initially asked for the chuutoro (medium fatty tuna), but they were out of it at the time. Obviously the fattier the tuna, the more expensive. This little number set us back about $14. I *think* the sushi version was the same price, and if that’s the case, why would anyone get the sushi version, when you can get so much more tuna for the same price in the sashimi? XD Anyway, you can see the lovely pale pink color and lines of fat that gives it that rich and gorgeous flavor. I wished they’d served their sashimi with shiso leaf instead, though.

I can’t have sushi or sashimi without green tea. Theirs was rather interesting, as it came with arare floating on top. Arare literally it means ‘hail’, but in food terminology it refers to crispy little rice crackers. You might find tiny ones like these in furikake made specifically to be doused in hot water (ochazuke style). It added a nice roasted flavor to the tea, much like hojicha (roasted tea leaf green tea) or genmaicha (roasted rice green tea). I’m not sure I cared so much for the texture, though. The green ones might have been wasabi flavored…they were slightly bitter.

A tataki is a briefly seared piece of meat, virtually raw in the middle but crispy on the outside. Here’s their tuna tataki served in ponzu sauce. I really loved this dish, especially with the added heat from the red pepper. There were slivers of cucumber too, which went nicely with the vinegary ponzu sauce.

I got the sushi lunch box, which came with four nigiri, California roll, tempura (veggie and shrimp), miso soup and salad. A pretty good deal if you ask me! I love things that come in boxes like this. I never quite know where to begin, so I taste a bit of this and bit of that. X) It was all very delicious! The dipping sauce for the tempura came nice and hot, which I appreciated. (Sometimes places serve it cold, which I’ve never understood). If I were making it at home, I’d add a dollop of ground daikon radish to the sauce. This tempura box came with a slice of kabocha (Japanese winter squash), which was something I’ve rarely seen in local restaurants, so I really enjoyed that. ♥

My mom got the sashimi box, which came with rice instead of the California roll, and of course, sashimi.

Lovely time overall. Only wish it were closer to my house, so I could go more often!

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