The Secret Garden

I know the Olympics are over, but I still wanted to finish out the last of my Vancouver posts! My friend and I really wanted to do an afternoon tea, so after hunting around for a suitable place, we finally settled on The Secret Garden Tea Company, a quaint and lovely little tea shop and cafe. I really loved this place. A tea doesn’t have to be fancy and expensive to be enjoyable, and this was certainly an affordable yet high quality option that I would go back for in a heartbeat.

They offer a number of different kinds of tea courses: high tea, sharing high tea, demi high tea, and mini high tea. I believe the full-on high tea was only served during certain hours, and since we came after those hours, we opted for the “demi” high tea. This course was like a scaled down version of the high tea, featuring all three of the traditional tea courses: scones, sandwiches, and dessert, in addition to a pot of tea per person.

Pictured above is one of the desserts, a flaky pastry of some kind. It’s been a while, so I don’t recall the specifics, but it was very good, whatever it was. XD;

A few more pics:

There was a really great tea selection, so it took a while to decide which one to get! I ultimately went with an excellent Irish Breakfast. My friend got a delicate and fragrant jasmine. The teapots all came covered in these adorable tea cozies. ♥

We each got two mini sandwiches and a scone. I probably asked for more Devonshire cream, for there can never be enough, as we all know.

My brother was actually with us for this tea, and he had a fab time too. (No one ever said afternoon tea was just for the ladies!) And by the way, credit for the top two photos go to him. (^__^)b

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