Out of all the Twittering food trucks of late, I’ve been most impressed by the branding and marketing of sâuçá. Take a look at their awesome website and you’ll see what I mean! I was very excited about the launch of this truck o’ food, as their menu looked so diverse and intriguing. Their dishes are inspired by cuisines from several continents, with a minor twist in that they’re served as “sâuçá” – their term for a flatbread sandwich. Their multi-colored logo is a reflection of that global concept, with each color representing a different region of the world.

They’ve been coming by the Chinatown area for a while now, and last week I finally got the opportunity to check them out. And it was great timing too! Not only was the weather sunny and fabulous, but it also happened to be the same day that NPR (I think it was NPR, anyway) was out by the truck interviewing folks on their sâuçá experience. I got to chat with the owner of sâuçá, who was very enthusiastic and pleasant. I asked him how they came up with the name, and he explained that their concept was based around sauces and having a great variety thereof. Originally, they wanted to call themselves “Sauce,” but they were told that they couldn’t trademark a real word. Thus, they changed it to sâuçá, adding a few accent marks here and there for added flair. Their abundant sauces are incorporated into their dishes, but you can also add extra if you want (they have a small fixings area next to the pick up window).

I was obviously feeling greedy curious, so I got both a savory and sweet dish (hm, this sounds a little familiar). See what I mean about branding? (^___~)

For the savory, I got the Mumbai Butter Chicken (pictured at the top). I *love* butter chicken, so perhaps I had too high of an expectation. I thought it was under seasoned. It could have used a lot more heat, and added spices for that complex mix of flavor I expect in Indian food. I liked the coriander and the toasted cashews, though, and the flatbread was warm, pillowy perfection. My friend also got the butter chicken, and she absolutely loved it. I thought this was rather odd, since she’s more of a spice girl than I am, and I feared that something was wrong with my tastebuds! (O____o);;

I’m sad to say I was also kind of disappointed in the “toffle” (which was explained to me as “topping + waffle”). It tasted pretty good, but the texture was way too hard and crumbly. This might have been my own fault though, as I didn’t eat it while it was fresh and hot. I reheated it later and it was much better! I think it would’ve been even tastier if it had been at its optimal freshness.

Finally, here is their signature “limunad,” a “citrus cooler infused with mint and orange blossom.” I loved this drink! It was fragrant and refreshing. My friend actually didn’t like this drink at all, but I can understand how the flowery flavor might not be everybody’s cup of tea.

I’ve been trying to get to this food truck for weeks, but always miss it. Sounds like you had mixed feelings, but I’m intrigued! I also want to try out the Fojol Bros. truck.

Yeah, my friend really did love her butter chicken, so maybe my tastebuds were just off that day, lol. Fojol is fabulous! I’m looking forward to them starting up again. =)

I felt the same way about the butter chicken from Sauca… I added on a bit of salt once I got back to the office and it was much better, but I agree, it needed a bit more spice to it. The cilantro and cashews were great, though. I liked their banh mi sandwich much more. I’ve been waiting to try their shawarma, but they never seem to have it when they’re in our part of town.

It was definitely better with salt, but still a bit disappointing. =/ Thanks for the rec for banh mi. Will have to try next time! Today I had their Mexcian fish taco. Pretty tasty!

I have to agree about the butter chicken, it wasn’t that flavorful. Perhaps it’s due to the cashews. However, mixed with their world hot sauce (?), made it better. The banh mi is my favorite, but they sold out while I was still in line!


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