Crepes on the Walk

Crepes on the Walk is a cute little crepes stand by the Verizon Center (which I still call the MCI Center sometimes), and it’s part of the Crepes a Go Go family of creperies. Their website has mysteriously disappeared, so I can’t link you, but hopefully they’re still around?

I imagine that this stand gets a lot of business because of its prime location, and also because crepes are the ideal sort of streetfood. Sweet or savory, whatever suits your fancy, they’ve got it. It comes folded up and tucked neatly inside a paper cone for easy handling. X) They have a nice menu of items, but of course, you can select your own combination of ingredients as you like, which is nice…if a little daunting. (You can check out their menu over on The Thrillist).

I popped over to pick up a crepe (or two) during my lunch hour a little while ago:

Here’s the stand. =) I wanted to snap a picture of them making the crepe, but I wasn’t paying attention! By the time I thought to do it, they were almost done. So the top photo is the best I could really get, of the round griddle.

I got the cheese, tomato and avocado crepe, and asked for some turkey as well. Doesn’t look like much from the outside, so here’s another pic:

Sorry for the partially eaten pic. XD;; I really liked this crepe, although it seemed a bit lacking in flavor. (I did love the avocado, though…how can I not?) I think next time, I’ll get something with mushrooms.

Had to try a sweet crepe too, so after some deliberation, I got the strawberry with chestnut spread. The spread reminded me a little of marzipan in texture…I liked it! It paired very well with the sweetness of the strawberries.

Hi! Just stumbled on to your cool blog because of the crepe posting. Strawberries and chestnut spread, that sounds delicious! Never had that one! Would you submit your vote for the best crepe to my page at We’ve got some friendly dialogue on the subject of crepes, and I’d love to have your thoughts!



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