Captain White’s Seafood

Captain White’s Seafood City is located on the Southwest Waterfront, right on the water. It’s pretty chaotic getting in there, and trying to find parking is pretty tricky business. However, it’s worth the effort if you’re a seafood lover! My friends and I checked it out last Saturday afternoon, and the place was swamped with people. We waited for seemed like forever to get our food. (O____o);;

I got the clams and fries box, pictured above. It’s a lot of food for a good price! I should have gotten some packets of cocktail sauce, but I was too lazy to walk back there from the seating area to fetch any. XD;;

It was actually a little chilly that day, so this cup of New England style clam chowder was just perfect. ♥ I used to hate New England style, but that was back when my only exposure to it was the Campbell’s soup kind. Then I had the real deal at a restaurant in Boston, and changed my mind completely. This one was very rich and creamy, with savory clams that you could really taste. I thought the potatoes were slightly undercooked.

I had a bite of my friend’s crab cake (didn’t get a picture), and it was very good! Most crab cakes I’ve had in my life have been disappointing, so this is saying a lot. There was a lot of crab meat, and the binding wasn’t too much or too distracting. I’m not sure why it had to be served as a sandwich, though. It was much better on its own.

This strawberry shortcake was actually from some other place on the waterfront, the name of which I don’t recall. I got it as a free sample, after standing in a very disorganized line for quite some time and being harassed by some aggro old woman who was in a very cranky mood and happened to be standing behind me. (She seemed to think I was just standing there for my own amusement, and not because I wanted free cake. Uh…hello??) The cake wasn’t bad, and it was free. Not sure it was worth being harangued over, but at that point I was feeling extremely stubborn and I pointedly ignored her until I finally got my slice, lol.

Those fried clams look so crispy and tasty. Really nice photos by the way. I love being able to see the peaks and dips in the texture of the food.

They could’ve been a little more crisp, to be honest, but at least they photographed to look like they were! XD; And thanks! ♥

it looks delish!


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