23 Feb 2010, 10:08pm
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Now that the Vancouver Winter Games are underway, I think it’s perfect timing to revisit my trip to that lovely city from last March! o(^___^)o I actually meant to get started on these posts last week when the Olympics began, but as usual, I have been procrastinating. The good thing is, there are still a few more days left of the Winter Games, so I’m at least somewhat timely. XD;;

I was there visiting a good friend, who had moved out there with her husband not too long ago. I was long overdue for a visit, so I was extremely happy to make the trek (my first ever) across the continent to the west coast. I loved every minute of the trip, and it was definitely one my highlights from 2009! ♥

As for the eats: Vancouver is a fabulous food city! There’s a great diversity of foods from all over the world, and you can sup divinely for relatively cheap. Organic, local, and fair trade products were very popular there. They also had a hoppin’ coffee shop scene, which was something I really liked. There were so many lovely independent coffee shops that had great quality brews. I wish that trend would catch on a little more here!

I didn’t take pictures of all my meals, but I’ll post the few food pics I did take over the course of the next few days. My first post is on Rangoli, a small and quaint Indian market / restaurant on West 11th Avenue. The market is really just a selection of spices and ready made meals to take home for later. The restaurant portion is a very casual seating area, perfect for a tasty lunch.

I had the lamb curry, which came with a side of rice and salad, and two slices of naan. (*____*) Heaven! A pic of the full plate under the cut:

And here are a few photos I took from a park near my friend’s house. The view of the mountains was so amazing!

One more, with a better view of the city:

A seasonal post! XD

And the food looks warm and tasty, thanks for sharing!

Yaay! XD Thanks for stopping by! ♥


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