26 Feb 2010, 11:50pm

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La Casa Gelato

If you google “gelato Vancouver,” chances are your first hit will be La Casa Gelato, an unbelievable tour de force of gelatoverse that boasts over 200 flavors. It’s located in the middle of no where (it certainly seemed that way to me, though I didn’t pay too much attention to my bearings en route), but its selection is so vast and awesome, I’m sure people would travel out of their way to visit this shop.

Flavors ranged from classic to crazy, with some petering on the edge of unfathomable or frightening. Browsing the flavors and tasting them was an experience in itself, and I though I didn’t love every flavor I tasted, I had to admire the vision and bravery that went into an operation that could whip up a batch of curry flavored gelato!

I must have tasted a dozen flavors at least, including a few “surprise” ones that my brother so nicely offered to me. But in the end I chose the marzipan, pictured above. It had a lovely hint of that sweet almond paste that I so love. I wish I could have it again!

The gelato adventure continues under the cut:

The Great House of Gelato is located across a busy street, and if you take a bus there, you’ll have to cross it to get to your gelato fix. Be warned: there is no crosswalk (except much further down the street), the cars are many, and they stop for no one. We had to look for the perfect opening and make a harrowing dash for it, in manner of Frogger. I suppose the brush with death heightened sense of risk involved makes the reward that much sweeter!

The shop was humongous, and the counters wrapped around the entire room, showing off colorful displays of flavors just waiting to be tried. I didn’t want to be too greedy, but how could I resist so much temptation? Especially when they had unique flavors I’d probably never get the chance to try again, like champagne or cherry vodka.

Wasabi…looked deceptively like green tea.

Maybe balsamic vinegar isn’t such a weird flavor, if you think about how it’s used as a reduction over strawberries??

Durian was one of the mystery flavors that my brother had me try. It was every bit as horrifying as I would have expected. This flavor is so pungent that they kept it covered in the case so it didn’t adversely affect the other gelatos around it. This is definitely an acquired taste. (Apparently, the durian gelato cake is one of their more popular flavors!)

I loved the cheerful looking displays of the cones along the walls! ♥

Like Granville Island, this shop would definitely be on my “revisit” list. So many more flavors, yet to try!

Lots and lots of options!! *____*
Thanks for sharing!


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