18 Feb 2010, 8:37pm

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Hello Cupcake

Today, The Washington Post reported that New York’s Crumbs cupcake shop will be opening their first D.C. store in May at the corner of 11th and F, NW. The owner was quoted as saying that Washingtonians are cupcake n00bs and that we need to be schooled (by them, I guess) on the true magnificence of The Cupcake. This threw a few locals into a bit of tizzy, which I found rather amusing. So a New Yorker wants to talk smack about cupcakes. “Whatever, whatever,” as Mike Isabella would say. Hell if I care, just give me my cupcake!!!1! \(^O^)/

…on that note: Hello Cupcake! I’ve blogged this place before, but that was only one flavor, so thought I’d revisit it again to post a few more. This isn’t really my favorite cupcake shop in town, but they do have a lot of flavors, which is nice. It can be hit-or-miss, so it’s important to select wisely.

Pictured at the top is the triple coconut, which is one of their better ones. The cake was light and airy, and I thought the icing was creamy and nice! Made with a trio of coconut cake, coconut cream cheese frosting, and toasted coconut flakes.

More after the jump:

I usually like a hot (unsugared) drink with my sweets, but this time I decided to go with something different. They had a selection of “Grown up Sodas” – so named because I think they’re not-so-sweet. They had some interesting flavors, but I went with a conventional gingerale. I’m a bit puzzled by what made it “dry,” but overall, a very good drink, with a healthy ginger kick.

I got four altogether – the prima donna (chocolate with strawberry buttercream), tiramisu (espresso cake with mascarpone frosting), you tart! (lemon cake with lemon cream cheese frosting), and dulce de leche (caramel cake with dulce de leche frosting)

The lemon was probably my favorite out of this bunch. The dulce de leche was good (the cake especially was very moist), but the frosting was too sweet. (O___o)


Isn’t this cute? X) I liked this one a lot, although the cake could have been a little softer.

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