Granville Island

Granville Island was one of my favorite places in Vancouver! So much so that in the short few days I was in the city, we went there twice…even though it took a couple bus transfers and a hike to get there. It’s a marketplace that has everything you could possibly want (almost), from fresh produce and seafood to fancy baked items and chocolates. If I lived in Vancouver, I would try to make my way out there every week. (*___*)♥ Love!

The market itself is indoors, housed in a very large building that holds dozens of vendors. I could spend hours browsing the aisles! There was a tiny booth specializing in tea, complete with a mini counter where you could drink your freshly brewed cuppa. Counters upon counters of delicate and delicious looking pastries that made my mouth water. A large shiny display of fresh caught salmon – pricey but well worth it (we took home a few to cook for dinner). There were soup counters, spice sellers, coffee vendors and candy makers. Even a shop that specialized in pies – both sweet and savory.

You could also shop for non-food items, like handmade crafts, fine art, photographs and the like. The second market building next door had more of those crafty shops too, though it seemed that those stores were more established ones, compared to the more casual market vendor feel in the main building.

Pictured above is one of the colorful and delectable pastry counters. I wanted to order everything in there!

More under after the jump:

Here’s the sign as we were walking up. There were many shops leading up to the market, and we popped into several of them, including a really cute umbrella boutique. I wish I’d gotten something there, as they had such a nice selection!

MOAR pastries. Look at those eclairs! Overflowing with creamy goodness. And those mini pies on the next shelf look so cute. X)

I got this fruit parfait thing as a quick snack there, but it actually wasn’t as good as it looked. Which was rather unfortunate, given the vast amount of things I could have had instead.

These chocolates were *divine* though, so they more than made up for the lackluster parfait. I got these from the ChocolaTas counter, which sold either by the piece or by the box. I had to get the box because I wanted a nice little assortment. My friend, her husband and I had a dessert ‘ritual’ every night of my visit: we’d each pick out one piece, cut it carefully into three parts, and pass them around so everybody could have a taste of each flavor. XD They were *all* SO good! I still think they’re among the best chocolates I’ve ever had in my life. After I got back from Vancouver, I found their website and contacted them about shipping to the U.S. They do it, but the price they quoted me was exorbitant. I couldn’t possibly justify the expense, so I’ve been sadly ChocolaTas deprived ever since.

Here’s a pic of the spices I saw. I’d never known what fresh turmeric looked like before, so was quite intrigued to see it.

There was much more to Granville Island than this, but sadly these are all the pictures I have. If ever I’m back in Vancouver, this would definitely be one of the first places I revisit. ♥

Sounds like an awesome market.

and turmeric looks a bit like saffron. I had hopes for it to be the same thing. :(

Thanks for sharing!

i met someone the other day who is a local. she indeed does go every week to Granville for produce shopping.


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