10 Feb 2010, 1:02pm

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Georgetown Cupcake

Oh look, cupcakes from New Year’s Eve! Fear not, these were consumed a long time ago, rapidly and while in their peak freshness. I’d never let a perfect batch of fabulous Georgetown Cupcakes go to waste, after all! It’s just another case of slow blogging. XD;;

These were actually purchased at their newish Bethesda branch. I stopped in there for the first time about a month ago near the end of 2009. The shop is small, though maybe has a tad more room than their (old) Georgetown location. The good thing about stopping in so soon after Christmas was that they had their holiday flavors still available. X) Counter clockwise from the bottom left, the flavors here are: eggnog, gingerbread, New Year’s cupcake, chocolate peppermint, white chocolate peppermint, and another New Year’s cupcake.

A few close-ups under the cut:

Eggnog~ This was very good! The frosting really did taste like eggnog, but not in that really eggy way that I dislike.

The New Year’s cupcake was basically a chocolate cake with vanilla frosting and a sugary disc on top. Mmm.. Actually didn’t mind the sugary thing. Texture was a bit weird, but not bad.

The peppermint swirl detail looked so cute on this. X)

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