Bibiana: Part II

The first Restaurant Week for 2010 was a real quiet one on this front. Maybe it’s because it was so soon after the holidays (Jan 11~17), or perhaps it was because I was so burnt out after the last one. I ended up going to only one place for lunch and one place for dinner. Lunch was at SEI – which I decided not to blog – and dinner at Bibiana Osteria Enoteca, still a little newish. I wrote about Bibiana a while ago, so this is yet another “Part II” post, Restaurant Week version!

From what I hear, this place gets some mixed reviews, but I personally love it. They certainly did not disappoint for RW, and I think part of the reason why they impressed me so much was because the served only from the RW menu. At least, that’s what we were told the night we went for dinner (Friday). I suppose when they limit the menu in such a way, they can be sure to do a good job on the few dishes that they *do* serve.

Pictured above is the Venetian fried pastry dessert, which was crispy on the outside, warm and gooey on the inside. It was fabulous. I think Nevin described it as a “deep fried Twinkie” (I promised to credit him for coming up with that, so there you go! XD).

The rest after the jump:

braised veal meatballs, white polenta, sugo finto

The menu calls it “meatballs” (plural) but it was definitely just ONE. However, it was one big meatball, so no complaints here! Quite possibly one of the best meatballs I’ve ever had. It was well seasoned, had great texture, and went perfectly with the creamy polenta. My favorite dish of the evening!

soprasatta, chicken liver, testa, pickled vegetables
(with grilled bread)

This was a lovely spread. Actually, the pickled mushrooms were quite fab, and contrasted well with the rich saltiness of the chicken liver and soprasatta.

I apparently didn’t take a picture of the third appetizer dish (arugula salad), so moving right along to the main course…

plancha seared skate, borlotti & cannellini bean ragu,
herb salad

I enjoyed this dish a lot…light but flavorful. The beans were a nice touch, very warm and homey somehow.

roasted striped bass, olive oil crushed potatoes,
calamari, squid ink vinaigrette

I wasn’t very crazy about the smoky flavor from the bass, but otherwise it was solid dish. My friend really enjoyed it, so it was a good choice for her. (^___^)

with traditional bolognese ragu

This is actually one of my favorite dishes at Bibiana. I would’ve ordered this, but felt like I ought to get something new, just to try. Tagliatelle is quickly becoming one of my favorite kinds of pastas. It’s like a thin version of linguini, so it doesn’t feel as heavy going down. At the same time, it’s got more substance than something like angel hair. A perfectly balanced noodle! The bolognese is quite good, here.

Crostata al limone
lemon cured tart

Tart, creamy, lemony. Not bad! If I remember right, that’s actually not ice cream on top, but a whipped cream of some kind.

In all, a fabulous dinner, and one of the best RW experiences so far! ♥

Wow! Everything looks so sophisticated! :O

Thanks for sharing!

XD ♥

Thanks for your comment!

It looks like you did a much better job of ordering than we did (we went last night). I knew I should have gotten the Tagliatelle!

Just read your review! Sorry it was kind of hit or miss for you. =/


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