14 Feb 2010, 1:24pm

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Azuki Pepsi

Japan gets all the funky “limited edition” Pepsi flavors. Cucumber! Shiso! (this review is pretty funny). Azuki Pepsi was released last October, and I was intrigued enough to give it a try. (Azuki is of course, sweet red bean – ubiquitous in Japanese confections).

…ugh. SO SWEET. It tasted like syrupy cherry coke. I never would have guessed it was azuki in a blind taste test. But since I knew to expect the azuki, I might have imagined a vague hint of it somewhere in the aftertaste.

Verdict: never again.

Not that I drink much Pepsi anyway.

However: I do think cucumber soda or shiso soda is a brilliant idea, if you subtracted the “Pepsi” part of it. I had a fabulously refreshing cucumber soda at SEI last year that I think ought to be bottled for the masses.

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