Happy New Year!

new year cake

Happy New Year, everyone! \(^O^)/ Hope you had a great start to 2010, and a lovely winter holiday. I apologize for neglecting this blog for the past few weeks. I kept meaning to update, but it’s been a bit of a lazy Christmas season for me. I’m resolving to be more active hereon for the new year, and to catch up on my backlog of posts I’ve been meaning to get to for a while.

New Year happens to be the biggest holiday of the year for Japanese people, and like most celebrations, it centers around the food. Wiki has an article about the traditional “osechi” food here, which is served on New Year’s Day. My mom prepares it every year, though this year’s spread was much more scaled back than usual.

But first, we must have the “toshi-koshi” noodles on New Year’s eve:

newyear soba

Soba noodles with chikuwa (fishcake), green onions, and abura-age, topped with shichimi pepper. I think soba noodles shops do extremely well on New Year’s eve in Japan. (I’ve always wanted to order noodle delivery, but alas, there’s no such thing stateside). If you want a real Japanese new year’s eve, you’ll be watching the Kouhaku year end concert on TV while slurping down a bowl of this. (^__^)

On to New Year’s Day:

new year osechi

Miso soup made with white “saikyo” miso paste. You can’t see it, but it’s got mochi (rice cake) and katsuo (shaved bonito flakes). Apparently, putting katsuo in soup is a Kantou thing. The saikyo miso is from Kyoto, which is in Kansai. East meets West in one bowl of soup! XD

The pretty little cup on the right was for the sake, which I had slightly warm.

new year osechi 2

Only 5 items in this year’s osechi spread: kamaboko (fishcakes) in two colors, octopus in a vinegar based sauce, steamed shrimp, black beans, and kazunoko (fish eggs). The kazunoko is my favorite. ♥

We had cake for dessert, though I was too full to have any until later in the afternoon!

So there you have it, a small scale version of New Year’s Day in my household.

Happy 2010!

2 Jan 2010, 8:36am
by golden bastet


It may be scaled back, but it still looks great…

Happy New Year to you, too!

All looks so wonderful and delicious and your tableware looks so beautiful!


(Happy New Year, of course! ;D)


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