2 Jan 2010, 7:00am


Fran’s Chocolates

I love the taste of caramel, but I find most of them too hard to chew! (;___;) Not so in this case though, I’m happy to say. I’d never heard of Fran’s chocolates before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I ended up being pleasantly surprised by their caramels, which I found extremely soft, delicious and addicting.

Photo under the cut:

These are the gray salt caramels, made with dark chocolate and “sprinkled with gray salt harvested off the Brittany coast.” They describe it as “award winning”, and it certainly tasted that way to me! I loved the contrast of sweet and salty, and the smooth texture of the caramel.

I devoured this entire box almost single handedly within 2~3 days…I feel no shame.

…I need another box. XD

please send me one tooooo!! :D~~

So they were that tasty!

Thanks for sharing!


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