Finally!! The last of the San Francisco posts! (What, that took only…a month and a half?) The last meal in sunny San Fran was at an Italian restaurant called Delfina. We actually thought they’d have pizza, which they’re famous for, but the portion of the restaurant that takes reservations doesn’t serve pizza. (The pizza is served next door, on a first-come first-served basis). We were on a tight schedule, so had to go for the reservation only section.

We arrived with all our luggage, which they were nice enough to put in the back for us while we had dinner. (^___^)

Pictured above is my main course – mint tagliatelle with porcini mushrooms and wild nettles. It was the mint and wild nettles that got my attention, as it sounded really unique for a pasta dish. The only time I’ve had nettles is in Finland, when my friend picked them from her garden and incorporated them into a savory pancake. You have to wear gloves when handling them because they can be quite prickly.

My mistake was that I didn’t ask what sort of sauce it came in, as I’m not able to eat huge amounts of creamy pastas in one sitting. I didn’t want to get sick from all the rich dairy, so only had a few bites. (;___;) It was really delicious, though. I would’ve taken it home, if I weren’t about to board a redeye.

The rest of the meal under the cut:

Some of San Francisco’s famous sour dough bread! Tart, warm and delish.

crostini misti
chicken liver rustico, white bean sardine
and cavolo nero-pecorino

A medley of crispy toasts topped with various things. They were all pretty tasty, and I loved the variation.

cauliflower soup
with paprika oil and cumin croutons

My cauliflower soup was a great opener. Loved the creamy texture and that hint of paprika.

little gem lettuce
with mountain gorgonzola vinaigrette and radishes

A pretty little salad, which I did not taste. It looked tasty, though!

Ravioli of some kind, which I forgot to document. I have no idea what was in them! XD;; The serving size appears a little on the small side…

with plum tomatoes, garlic, peperoncini

Cute and classic spaghetti. ♥ My friend might or might not have ordered it without the peperoncini…I don’t recall.

There, San Francisco foodie adventure is complete!!

Next up: VOLT, by Bryan Voltaggio of Top Chef fame. I promised to move it up the queue, so it’s not quite chronological, but don’t think anyone would care. X)

It looks quite fine to me. ^^
And they were pretty nice about the luggage!

Thanks for sharing!

Thanks Maye! Yeah, they were so accommodating. ^__^


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