14 Jan 2010, 9:56pm
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Central: Part II

I took a good friend of mine out for a birthday dinner at Central last month. I love this place so much! I’m blogging it again because it’s all new stuff this time around. ♥ By the way, if you ever see that they’re completely booked up on OpenTable on a night you want to reserve, be sure to call the restaurant to make sure they have no openings. On the night I went, OpenTable had no reservations available, but I was able to book a table easily through a phone call. (In fact, the restaurant was pretty empty at the hour I’d chosen).

One thing that I like about the menu at Central is its stark simplicity. They cut out all the flowery language and just tell it like it is…such as the above pictured dish, which is described as “braised rabbit with spaetzle and carrots.” Nothing is “glazed” or “gently tossed” or such nonsense. I suppose my guilty feeling that comes with ordering rabbit is effectively overwhelmed by how tasty it is, for this was the second time I’d gotten this dish here and I’ve no regrets. The meat was tender and delicate, and oh! Those spaetzle! They may not look like much, but they were excellent. (*___*)

A warm little appetizer of cheese puffs! Airy and warm. I actually would’ve preferred them to use a sweeter cheese, as these had an almost bitter flavor.

My friend opted for the ultimate comfort food combination, fish and chips. These were classy! I loved the sparse presentation. The fish wasn’t too greasy, and the fries were crisp and salty.

Peace! (^O^)v

Another great dinner at Central! Afterward, we strolled up the street to the chocolate bar CoCo Sala for dessert. …which of course, will be covered in my next post!

Seems like a great place to have a good time!!

Thanks for sharing!

(PS. The card arrived, thank you very much!!)


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