There’s a lovely pastry and chocolate shop in Bethesda called Cacao, which I discovered a few winters ago during the Christmas season. I usually get pastries when I stop in there, so this would mark the first time I’d tried their truffles and macaroons.

Aren’t the macaroons cute? X) I could’ve selected the flavors myself, but they had such a variety of them, I just asked them to mix them all up for me. I liked them! Very nice and light on the outside, and creamy and smooth on the inside. There was one particular one I enjoyed, which had a slightly floral taste.

Chocolates & pastries under the cut:

In the front is a mousse cake of some kind – I don’t actually recall – and a strawberry napoleon.

Hazelnut mousse pastry and eclair! The mousse was very nutty indeed. I liked the eclair a little better, though. Who doesn’t love an excellent eclair? X)

And finally, the chocolates. I don’t remember them all, but there was a pistachio, Earl Grey/green tea, and maybe a hazelnut. I think the one in the back with the green chips was a basil, but my memory is a little hazy… (This is what happens when I’m so slow in updating stuff! These were consumed over a month ago. XD;;)

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