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sweetgreen yogurt

Mmm…lovely Sweet Green! Among the latest in food trucks to hit the streets of D.C., Sweet Green serves up some tasty frozen yogurt and salads, Tweeting their location as they go. They’ve recently started coming to Metro Center on Fridays, so I finally had a chance to try them out.
The yogurt came in a couple sizes, with three toppings included in the standard cup size for a total cost of $5. For toppings, there was a pretty good selection of fresh fruit, nuts, coconut shavings and mint. I got mine with baked apples, strawberries, and mint. (*____*) Soooo good. The yogurt was very fresh, and had a little tartness to it, but not too much. (I always found the popular froyo’s too sour for my taste). Loved it!

I also got a salad:

sweetgreen salad

Le Parisien: baby arugula, roasted turkey breast, Brie, pears, toasted almonds and champagne vinaigrette.

sweetgreen salad2

I thought the turkey was a little on the dry side, and perhaps Brie is too heavy a cheese to throw into a salad…particularly one with delicate greens. That being said, the flavors were excellent, and I loved the pears with arugula! Champagne vinaigrette was lovely, and I definitely must try my salads with this dressing more often!

Their salads are a little expensive ($10), and I’ve also noticed that all their items costs a dollar more from the truck, compared to their brick and mortar shop. I guess we’re paying for the convenience of their coming to us, but aren’t they saving a lot of money on overhead? (Same gripe as with the cupcake truck). Although to be honest, I think even $9 is a little steep for a lunch sized salad.

Still, I’ll definitely be back for more of their amazing yogurt, next time they come by. Nothing like a frozen dessert in the winter time! (^O^)v

Definitely the salad is too fancy,but I bet it was really delicious!

And something cold with this weather? That’s pretty valiant! XDD

Thanks for sharing!

Valiant, I like that! XD

(ps. Your card went out yesterday…hope you get it before Christmas! xoxoxoxo)


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