ozumo shacho roll

I’m finally getting around to my big dinner post from my San Francisco trip, and I realize only now that I’ve made a terrible mistake. I forgot to photograph the menu. Of course, any versatile and active sort of restaurant will change up their menu month to month. It’s a month later (actually, exactly a month later, to the day), and naturally the restaurant has updated their menu, as reflected on their website. And despite the memorable nature of the meal, I cannot recall the specifics of the dishes that are no longer up. (;___;) Very upset with myself.

Enough of the moping.

The good news is, I have preserved the meal in photographs, so I can at least remember it visually, if not to a great degree of specificity.

The restaurant we chose for dinner was Ozumo, a Japanese restaurant that came highly recommended from two independent sources! Obviously I’m a big fan of all things Japanese, especially sushi, and it would’ve been a damn shame to visit San Francisco and *not* partake in their excellent seafood.

Pictured above is one of the more magnificently plated dishes of the evening, the Shacho roll. (“Shacho” means company president) It had Maine lobster, mango, jalapeno, cilantro, tuna and spicy sesame sauce. It was topped with black caviar, and served with strawberry slices – something I’d never seen before with a sushi dish. The mango could’ve been a little more predominant, but I really enjoyed this roll!

ozumo sekiwake

spicy tuna roll with tobiko, tempura flakes,
salmon and hamachi with peanut sauce

Here’s the other roll we got, which was your more typical roll variety. The peanut sauce was an interesting touch, though. (“Sekiwake” is the third highest rank in sumo one can achieve. By the by, “ozumo” refers to professional sumo, which explains why many of the menu items are named after sumo terms. I’m not all that familiar with sumo terminology though, so I’m unsure as to what most of it really means, in the context of sumo…)

ozumo futago

grilled Washu beef, sauteed garlic spinach
and Japanese eggplant with miso sesame sauce

The meat was very well prepared, and paired nicely with the eggplant. (“Futago” means twins).

ozumo dohyo

sashimi tuna tartare with avocado cream and spicy tofu
served with gyoza chips and endive leaves

Mmm…I tuna tartare and avocado. Such a classic combination! So beautifully presented, too. You can kind of see the inspiration for this naming. “Dohyo” refers to the sumo ring.

ozumo hanabi

slices of hamachi and avocado with warm ginger
and jalapeno ponzu sauce

The fish was so fresh! Loved this dish. Another classic pairing of soy sauce and citrus with sashimi. (“Hanabi” means fireworks).

ozumo nigiri

From the sushi a la carte menu, eel and white tuna sushi. I got the white tuna because if you’re lucky, it might taste like toro. >D (It didn’t this time, but still delicious).

ozumo salmon

When we ordered the salmon sashimi, we were given the option of wild or farmed salmon. =) This is the wild salmon, as you might be able to tell from the bright orange color.

ozumo black cod

Black cod marinated in saikyo miso and sake kasu

This was by far the best entree dish of the evening! The fish was tender and delicious, perfectly cooked and oh so buttery. Saikyo miso is a sweet yellow miso that comes from west of Kyoto (as the name indicates). Sake kasu is derived from sake, and is used in broths, marinades and so forth. It warms you up in the winter!

ozumo pork

This is one of the items that’s no longer listed on the menu, so I can’t give you specifics. It’s pork belly, and I do remember it being extremely rich. Almost too rich.

ozumo duck

Here’s another one no longer listed…the duck. I can’t tell you much about it, as I only remember it vaguely. Must not have left much of an impression, good or bad.

ozumo cheesecake

Finally, the dessert course. None of the desserts are listed on the menu anymore, so I’m most at a loss here, since I didn’t actually try all of them! I think this was a cheesecake, with what looks like a raspberry coulis (and maybe some pomegranate seeds?)

ozumo brownie

Brownie with a candied banana type thing, which I also don’t recall. But it was devoured with flourish by the peeps who ordered it. =)

ozumo beignet

And finally, my dessert – a chocolate beignet with black sesame ice cream. I’m pretty sure it was described as a beignet, though it didn’t have the airy texture I usually associate with beignets. Flavor was good, though. The black sesame ice cream wasn’t nearly as black sesame-ish as it could have been. I’ve tasted much more potent versions before, so I know it can be done! I imagine that you need to turn the seeds into a paste to bring out their maximum flavor.

So there you have it, Ozumo of San Francisco. Definitely one of the best Japanese restaurants ever. If I’m ever in San Francisco again, I’ll definitely be revisiting this place!

It’s just a little saddening to know that I can’t experience the same caliber of fresh fish at my local sushi restaurants!

*____* Everything looks so tasty!!

And you did have a great time over there, ne? That’s what counts too!

Thanks for sharing your pics!

I had a great time there! X) Thanks for your comment~ ♥


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