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curbcupcake ppmint

I still haven’t managed to set aside the block of time that will be necessary for my San Fran dinner post. m(_ _)m So here’s another quick post update, to bring you something that’s been popping up more and more in my area – and in all variations – the Twittering food trucks!

I think it all started with Fojol brothers, the Indian food vender who now comes by my neighborhood once a week with their tasty offerings. =9 Curbside Cupcakes launched a few weeks ago, and they too, work out of a truck and Twitter their location once they arrive.

So far, they’ve come by Metro Center a few times, and yesterday they were just outside my building! ♥ I had to try their holiday flavor, the chocolate peppermint (pictured above). Delicious! The frosting was not overly sweet, and didn’t taste too much of fake mint. Loved the crushed candy cane sprinkled on top.

Two other flavors, which I had occasion to try on a different day:

curbcupcake vanillachoc

Vanilla cake with chocolate frosting. Not too bad, though I only had a sliver of it. I’m usually not a fan of vanilla cupcakes because they tend to be a little dry and uninspired, but this was okay!

curbcupcake choco

Chocolate on chocolate. I liked it! Though the peppermint is my favorite, still.

The cupcakes go for $3 ea., a little on the pricey side, but hey – we’re in D.C. here. That’s actually a mid-range price. Georgetown Cupcakes go for $2.75, Hello Cupcakes at $3, and Red Velvet cupcakes at $3.25.

I think for all the overhead they’re saving on, Curbside can afford to bring the price down a little. =)

I got the red velvet cupcake from Curbside yesterday, and it was divine. Probably the best red velvet cupcake I’ve eaten. The cake was moist and actually tasted chocolatey — most red velvet cupcakes are just piles of food coloring. And the buttercream was buttery. The icing looked a bit skimpy, but as I ate it, I think it was the perfect amount. I can’t wait for them to come to Metro Center again — hopefully in time for me to try the holiday special!

Really?? Best ever??? Wow. I’ll definitely have to try it next time! (Better than Georgetown Cupcake, even?)

I’ll have to admit I’ve never tried a Georgetown Cupcake cupcake yet… It’s too much effort to try to get out to Georgetown, ha ha. :)

Haha, I hear ya! Their Bethesda branch is now open though, so maybe if you’re out there, you can give them a try. Haven’t had a chance to visit their new store yet, myself.

So, I had a red velvet cupcake from Curbside last week. I did, however, scrape off the frosting – it was too sweet. Anyways, it turns out that a former contract attorney started this company! Ironically, his last project was at my firm and I made him do special projects for me…

Scrape off the frosting?? O____o;; Aw. I didn’t think cream cheese frosting could be too sweet.

I had no idea it was a former contract attorney’s gig! What a small world!


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