6 Dec 2009, 12:17pm


Shabu Shabu

shabu shabu

First post in December! Can’t believe we’re already at the end of the year, but here we are. I’m not done with my San Francisco posts yet, but before I plow into the big dinner post, I’m taking a quick detour to post about homemade shabu shabu. Now, I’ve never actually been to a shabu shabu restaurant stateside, so I’m not really sure what’s done in those establishments. Personally, I think that unless you’re looking for particularly high grade places that have the sort of high end ingredients you would be unable to find at your local grocer, a homemade shabu shabu is the way to go! It’s easy to throw together, and it’s just the thing on a cold winter’s day. (Wouldn’t you want to stay inside on such a day?)

Basically, it’s a do-it-yourself meal, where you cook your food as you eat in a bubbling pot (a nabe). The water is usually lightly seasoned with kombu seaweed and maybe some hondashi – a bonito soup stock. It’s totally up to you which ingredients you want to cook. A shabu shabu usually involves some kind of meat – I usually like very thinly sliced beef. Non-meat versions usually center around tofu, and you’d call that a “yudofu.”

Aside from the beef, this particular shabu shabu (which I had a few days ago…yum!) also included sliced green onions, tofu, fresh shitake mushrooms, radish sprouts and lettuce. The lettuce is kind of an interesting addition…you usually wouldn’t think that boiled lettuce is very good, but it adds a nice flavor and does retain a little crunch. I usually like adding noodles to mine, like udon or harusame, but we didn’t have any on hand.

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