thanks turkey

Hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving!! I’m a little backed up in posts, and I haven’t even gotten to my San Francisco material yet. However, I’m skipping ahead to do my Thanksgiving post now, before it gets so pushed back that you’re reading about it at Christmas. XD;;

So this year, I was invited again to my dear friends’ I & N’s place. (You know, I’m never quite sure if I ought to use real names here…if I blog about you, let me know if you mind?) It was as fabulous a spread as it was the year before, both food and company wise! The first thing that caught my eye when I entered the dining room at a quarter to four was of course, this gorgeous turkey pictured above, brined and cooked via a great recipe by Alton Brown. Several side dishes already lined the table, while numerous others were finishing in the oven. There were so many dishes it was hard to keep up!

I tried to take at least a bite of everything, but there’s sadly only a finite amount of food I can throw back in one sitting. There’s much to get through, so without further ado:

thanks pinwheel

Appetizer course: These are the spinach, mushroom and gruyere puff pastries that I made using a Paula Deen recipe. Super easy, even I couldn’t mess it up. (Although I did make one failed batch at my first go a few days prior..) The only thing about these is that they need to be reheated in the oven (or toaster oven). They otherwise lose their flakiness. =/

thanks aspara

Tasty looking asparagus side dish!

thanks biscuits

Two kinds of biscuits: plain and was it…ham and cheese?

thanks chicken cashew

A Thai chicken cashew dish, brought in by a guest.

thanks corn pudding

Corn pudding, an airy souffle! Definitely one of my favorite dishes of the evening. The sweet corn flavor was very rich.

thanks cran onion relish

Tart and savory cranberry onion relish. Nice and chunky.

thanks cranberry sauce

Some amazing homemade cranberry sauce with the perfect amount of sweet and tart. The texture was very smooth and pleasant.

thanks greenbeans

Greenbean casserole with onions. Great combination of crusty top and creamy sauce.

thanks mac cheese

(*_____*) My other favorite dish, the leek mac and cheese, made with gruyere. Delicious! This is how homemade mac & cheese is all about.

thanks mashed

Mashed potatoes! There was a huge vat of this stuff! I can’t imagine how it was all mashed in that deep pot…amazing.

thanks prawns greens

Garlicky greenbeans and prawns, also brought in by guest.

thanks stuffing

Can’t have turkey without stuffing! By the way, the giblet cream gravy was delicious!!

thanks sweet potato

Mmm…candied sweet potatoes.

thanks center

For a brief interlude between courses, I’m posting a photo of the lovely flower centerpiece. ♥

On to dessert!

thanks pies

Four kinds of pies: apple, shoofly, pecan, and black & blue (berry), accompanied by vanilla ice cream and cranberry vanilla sorbet. I made the sorbet using my new ice cream machine! It was my first go at the machine, and I was pleased with the results. Though, the texture was a little more airy than I would’ve liked. No matter how long I kept in the freezer, it just wouldn’t set too firmly. Hm… Maybe it lacked salt?

thanks cupcakes

Georgetown Cupcakes!!! Brought in by the hostess’s fabulous sister, there were several different kinds: red velvet, coconut, caramel apple, pumpkin spice (?), chocolate vanilla, chocolate banana. I’m actually not sure if there was a pumpkin spice, but whatever it was, it had a tasty maple frosting.

thanks tupperware

I leave you with a photo of the aftermath…a mountain of tupperware filled with tasty leftovers. I took a box home and everything tasted just as great the following day for lunch!

Thanks for a phenomenal feast, lovelies! o(^___^)o ♥

OMG. That’s amazing! I covet that turkey, the corn pudding, and the desserts in particular.


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