tartine breakfast bun

The first of my San Francisco posts! Tartine is a lovely bakery/cafe that is every bit worth the 1.6 miles I plodded to get there. (Long story). After foolishly forgoing the bus and hauling myself a good distance on foot – something that I recommend for everyone to do first thing in the morning =D – I treated myself to yummy pastries and a hot cup of cappuccino.

It’s a lovely little shop, very quaint, though bustling. My only complaint is that that cappuccino was tiny!

Pictured above is the fabulous morning bun, sugary with a hint of citrus. I took one home, and it kept for a few days. X)

More under the cut:

tartine breadpudding

Bread pudding came in a cute tea cup! It was topped off with lots of marinated fruits, and below that was the tasty and custardy bread pudding. ♥

tartine jamon

Pain au jambon, or ham croissant. Flaky and delicious, and a great savory alternative to the sweeter options.

tartine lemon cream

Lemon cream tart…a lovely lemony taste with nice smooth finish. I didn’t like the crust though…too rock solid.

I took an almond croissant to go as well, also quite excellent. When is this shop going to open a branch in D.C.?? *hopeful*

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