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Of course, one of the foodie ventures I was most looking forward to in San Francisco was checking out Chef Hubert Keller’s casual restaurant Burger Bar in Union Square! (^__^)v Chef Keller was of course, one of the finalists in Top Chef Masters, who famously (or infamously?) doused his vat of pasta with cold water from the dorm shower stall during one of his challenges. His Burger Bar has a few locations, including St. Louis and Las Vegas. He also has the higher end Fleur de Lys – with one location in San Francisco, though we were unfortunately unable to secure a reservation for this trip.

Burger Bar doesn’t take reservations, but the wait wasn’t too incredibly long. We showed up around 1pm, and were seated probably in 20 minutes or so for a party of 5. The table was situated in the bar area, a high table with bar stools that was placed right up next to the glass wall overlooking Union Square. The menu is basically a do-it-yourselfer, where you can choose your meat, bun, cheeses, toppings, and sauces from an ample selection. There are probably an infinite number of combinations you could come up with! (@___o) Some of the toppings were quite decadent, including lobster and foie gras (or even black truffles: an extra $30). If you can’t handle so many choices at once, they also offer a few Chef’s Burgers.

The milkshake list is just as daunting. Ice cream, toppings, sauces…even liquor if you so choose, can be mixed any which way you want.

Pictured above is the peppercorn burger with Dijon mustard and accompanied by a basket of fries. I didn’t taste the burger itself, but my friend who got it had rave reviews. I did nab a few fries though, which were quite good!

More under the cut:

bbar pickles

These are the beer battered jalapeno pickles. I thought it would’ve been hotter from the description, but I didn’t really taste much of the jalapeno. An interesting side, though I’m not sure I’d get it again.

bbar onionrings

The onion rings were better. Actually, I liked them a lot! Very crispy and fresh.

bbar burger portobello

I just got two toppings for my burger: portobello mushrooms and provolone. I selected the “country natural” sustainable beef for the patty, medium rare. (Though it was rather rare in the center). Delicious! But as with all burgers of this size, I was only able to finish about half of it.

bbar shake

I went pure and simple for the drink: a classic strawberry milkshake. It was extremely rich and creamy. Loved it!

bbar hubert

Hahaha! Here’s the milkshake menu, complete with beaming!Hubert on a motorcycle. XD *amused*

So we must’ve been about halfway through the meal when we spotted him: Chef Keller himself was at the restaurant! He was rushing back and forth, obviously quite busy, but was gracious enough to stop by and chat with us and shake everyone’s hands. He asked whether we were enjoying our meal, and even posed with my friend and I for a photo. X) ♥

Next time I’m in San Fran, I definitely wanna try Fleur de Lys!

I’m so jealous! That’s awesome that you met Hubert Keller!

Also, that Nutella milkshake on the menu has my attention. I think I know where I’ll be going if I ever manage to get back to San Fransisco.

Yeah, it was such an awesome surprise! Nevin here insists I should have posted the photo-op with him, but I’m too shy! XD

Ah, Nutella milkshake…interesting, huh? I was giggling at the Twinkie milkshake, myself..

Looks like quite an experience! And the hamburguers look really tasty.

I wonder if I’ll handle a nutella milkshake. XDDD

Thanks for sharing!

Yeah, v tasty…and huge! Couldn’t finish mine, of course.


2 Dec 2009, 10:11am
by Nevin Martell


Um, you GOTTA put the pic up of you, Indie and Hubert. In fact, it should be the top image! Use the starpower to attract hits (and the jealousy of your peers)!

Hahah! Well, you guys put it up on FB, so plenty of jealousy has already been had. XD

I’ve definitely got to eat there. It’s criminal that I haven’t!

You should! And then tell me all about it. ;D

Oh wow. I don’t visit this blog for a while and it has LOADS of new yummyness. *drools*

Whee! XDD ♥


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