1905 absinthe

The restaurant 1905 is located near U Street Cardoza Metro station…specifically, at 1905 9th Street, NW. (Oh hey, isn’t that cute). I am sorry to say that it actually took me a while to realize WHY this place was called what it was… I should’ve caught on much sooner, as it’s even more obvious than TenPenh, the restaurant located at 10th and Pennsylvania.

This place came recommended by a friend of a friend, and it was pretty much a first experience for the whole party of us that sat down to eat here a few weeks ago. The restaurant is located on the second floor, with a bar near the back and a narrow, smallish room for a dining area in the front. The benches that line the walls are a little on the narrow side, but I forgive this minor detail because the rest of the place is so dark and beautiful. It’s got a lot of character, and is all in all quite lovely.

The menu is also on the smallish side, but I think they put a lot of care into it, so each dish is executed well and thoughtfully.

So let’s see what they’ve got here:

1905 beet salad

Yellow baby beet salad with grilled green onion gremolata, sliced almonds, and lemon vinaigrette

I got the beet salad to start. I was a little confused when I got the plate though, as I pondered where my beets were. It turns out the few lone beets were hanging out in the midst of the arugula, shy little guys that were thinly sliced. It was more like an arugula salad than beet, but lately I’ve been on an arugula kick, so I enjoyed it very much anyway. I loved the slivers of almonds, which added great texture.

1905 mac cheese

Maine lobster macaroni & cheese, scented with fresh lavender

Not to be upstaged by the ultra decadent foie gras mac & cheese a la Citronelle, 1905 serves theirs with lobster and lavender. (*____*) I think this combination worked a little better, but it was still extremely rich. These are definitely for sharing!

1905 tuna

Spicy tuna tartare with wasabi-lime citronette and sesame wontons

Sesame wontons, really? Where are those? I don’t quite recall them on the plate, and they certainly look like potato chips in this photo. The tartare was pretty good, though nothing particularly remarkable about it, especially in this city.

1905 red snapper

Gulf red snapper with maine lobster, laratte potatoes, corn, and micro tatsoi, with lobster vin blanc

Entree course! I wanted to go light, so I ordered the fish, but it still came with some buttery lobster bits for added richness. I really liked this dish, and the veggies were quite good with it.

1905 steak

Prime steak with fingerling potatoes, French breakfast radishes, miso butter, and red wine sauce

I did not try this one, but it looked quite delicious.

1905 lamb

18-hour braised lamb sandwich with taleggio cheese and arugula salad

Likewise did not try! (>__<) However, I heard that the meat was very tender, and the bun was probably unnecessary. Arugula salad got rave reviews. Tasted just like my "beet salad." Other entrees were had, including: 1905 Burger (prime beef blended with tender braised short ribs, foie gras, on a brioche roll, with amish cheddar cheese, and marinated red onions, served with arugula salad) and Kentucky fried quail (with chanterelle succotash, whipped sweet potatoes, and red wine roasted chicken gravy), but pics turned out fuzzy. For the final "course," the table ordered three glasses of absinthe, pictured at the top of this post. It's quite ado when you order it...they set a sugar cube on fire and you're to let it blaze away for a bit before drizzling ice cold water over the cube (and into the absinthe) drip by drip. Some sort of chemical reaction makes the liquid cloudy, which is when you know it's ready. We were quite sure that all the glasses got equal amounts of water, but for some reason, they all came out tasting differently. Pretty potent stuff, this. I didn't think I'd like it, since it's got that spicy licorice flavor to it, but it wasn't too bad! Certainly was worth the show. X)

Wow, that’s quite an experience! XD

And the food looked pretty interesting as well!


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