Sushi Damo: Part II

sushi damo sorbet

Last weekend, I sauntered in to the Rockville branch of Sushi Damo for lunch. (They also have a New York restaurant, apparently). I’ve blogged about this place before, but I thought I’d revisit it here because I tried a few things I don’t usually see on the menu of a Japanese restaurant.

I actually started with dessert. And why not?? A fresh, zingy little sorbet is great for refreshing the palate. In any case, I so rarely have dessert on an empty stomach, when I can appreciate the flavor of it best. This is the lychee sake sorbet, topped with what I believe is a jelly made from pomegranate. It was actually quite good indeed, and very refreshing. A bit reminiscent of a lychee martini.

sushi damo beef

This was my appetizer: beef medallions topped with thinly sliced strawberries, basil, and asparagus. It came with a miso-based sauce on the side. Not bad. Strawberry-basil is not an especially surprising combination, but it was interesting to see them paired with beef.

sushi damo roll

I got some kind of specialty roll, though I forget what they called it. It had spicy salmon with avocado, topped with pepper encrusted tuna and a mayo-ish sauce and scallions. To be honest, I didn’t like it too much. Too creamy and mushy. The sushi a la carte was better.

My assessment of this place is the same as before: decent, nice decor, overpriced.

First post on your new blog! wahahaha

Actually, you’re the second, hahah!


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