Rasika: Part II

rasika duck

Woot! First post since moving to my new domain! Welcome, everyone, and thanks for tagging along. o(^___^)o ♥

Bear with me, it’s another “Part II” post. I feel like I short-changed Rasika the last time though, so perhaps it’s a good thing that I’m revisiting it. While I do think my experiences there tend to be spotty, I do enjoy most of my meals there, so long as I stick to the tried and true. I wouldn’t call it the best restaurant – or even best Indian restaurant – in the area, but it’s held in relatively high esteem in my view.

This dinner was on a hoppin’ Tuesday night, and we had a table near the back of the restaurant by the kitchen. (Where there’s also a bar-like seating area…kind of cool if you want a table side view of the action). I think the noise level is a little better back there. My consistent gripe about this place is how loud it usually is, so this was a nice surprise.

There’s much food to get through, so without further ado:

rasika spinach 2

Palak Chaat
crispy spinach / sweet yogurt / tamarind / date chutney

I did take a photo of this dish for my first post on Rasika, but I’m posting another one because this one looks much more appetizing! And it tasted better too. The last time I had this dish, it was sadly burnt. An unfortunate occurrence, since it is one of the best appetizers on the menu!

rasika banana avocado

Avocado Banana Chaat
black pepper / cumin / date / tamarind chutney

Looks a little gnarly, but not bad, considering the fact that both avocado and banana have similar, mushy textures. Flavor wise, I wondered whether plantain would have paired better.

rasika paneer shashlik

Paneer Shashlik
marinated cottage cheese / onions / peppers

Looks lovely, doesn’t it? Sadly, I didn’t taste any. XD;; I believe it was well received, though!

rasika pattie

Ragda Patties
spiced potato / chick peas / tamarind date / mint chutney

I almost always order the potato patties at an Indian restaurant – they’re my favorite. I like to douse them in mint chutney, which is refreshing and spicy at once. (*____*) This one already came drowning in sauce, though. Still, a stellar dish.

rasika gobhi

Gobhi Mattar
cauliflower / green peas / cumin / ginger

A tasty little vegetarian dish for cauliflower lovers.

rasika chicken makhani

Chicken Makhani
broiled chicken / tomato / fenugeek

My go-to dish at any Indian restaurant. X) Hard to go wrong with this. Sometimes, I wonder whether I should branch out and get something else…but how can I resist that buttery chicken?? No point in trying. I always mix it together with cucumber raita.

Ah, I should point out here before I forget, that my friend’s main course is pictured at the top of the post: Narangi duck with cashew nuts, mace and orange pulao. It also came with slivers of candied orange peel. Cooked delicately and presented beautifully!

rasika cod

Black Cod
fresh dill / honey / star anise / red wine vinegar

I didn’t taste this dish, but I had to admire the simplicity of it. It’s cod, no flairs added. No sides, no mushy puree, nothing. I’m not sure I would’ve ordered this dish for myself, since I’m not a real dill person, but it looked very fresh and delicious.

So post number 2 for Rasika ends on a happier note than my first. By the by, as we were getting ready to leave the restaurant, my friends recognized one of the diners as Al Franken, the democratic senator from Minnesota. (I am sorry to say I did not recognize him…not much of a politico, myself). He was kind enough to pose in a photo with my friend. X)

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