20 Oct 2009, 7:01am
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Proof: Part III

proof gnocchi

Okay, this is the THIRD time I’ve blogged about this place, but I can’t help myself. It’s one of my favorite restaurants in D.C., AND it’s right down the street from my work, so with their lunch special deal, I naturally end up there on many an afternoon. The cool thing about this place is that their menu is always changing. So at least I can bring you something new each time. (^___^)v

Last week, I popped in there with a few folks from work and found myself ordering the gnocchi. There it is pictured above: “sauteed Yukon gold potato gnocchi [with] wild mushrooms, sweet corn, green beans, tomato, parmesan.” The wild mushrooms were particularly delicious! The sauce was a little heavy on the salt, but otherwise this dish was very tasty indeed!

Something else from the new menu:

proof asian chicken

Garlic Grilled Chicken Leg
fragrant rice, cabbage salad, jalapeno-cilantro emulsion

Mmmmm, delicious! I loved this Asian inspired dish, with a yogurty cilantro sauce that paired beautifully with the crispy char of the grilled chicken. I definitely want to order one for myself, next time!

Aaand once again, my photo of the pork sandwich came out blurry. (>__<) This was attempt number 2. I guess it just doesn't want to be photographed!

One of these days I think we should try to go for lunch at Proof. Want to meet up anytime soon?

(Embarrassingly, I posted a comment asking if you ever wanted to go to Proof onto another girl’s food blog, sweetginger.wordpress.com! Your blogs are both very similar, and I didn’t realize at first that I wasn’t reading yours! *blush*)

Yes, I’d love to go to Proof! Any time is a good time for Proof, in my opinion.

And OMG! I totally did NOT know about that blog! When I first started this one, I of course, searched for that name and it was taken already. But for some reason, there wasn’t a blog at that address back then! Yikes. I’m kind of hoping it’s not too confusing for people… I probably would have chosen a different name, had I been able to see that blog when I first created this one. =/


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