19 Oct 2009, 6:43am
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Almond Pocky

almond pocky

Almond is one of my favorite flavorings in the dessert world, so imagine my surprise when I spotted this almond pocky at the shop this weekend! I’ve only seen almond encrusted Pocky before, never one where the icing itself was made from almond paste.

According to the box, almond Pocky was first introduced in 1971, the second flavor that came right after chocolate. How surprising! I had always figured that chocolate and strawberry were the two original flavors. It turns out that many fans of the original almond begged for them to make it once more, so they’ve revived it in this “limited edition” version. Ah…nostalgia in a box. ♥ (Er, not that I was around in ’71 during the first wave of almond Pocky…)

almond pocky2

Haha…I guess it looks just like my photo for the milk coffee Pocky. XD

The flavor is similarly subtle, which is interesting, since almond extract can be quite potent. Usually, I like a subtle flavor, but this one left me wishing there was a little more. Not that that’s going to prevent me from stock piling the almond Pocky! It’s a classic!

Now I’m wishing they’ll make an amaretto flavored Pocky. (^O^)b

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