Proof: part II

proof cheese plate

I know I’ve blogged about Proof before, but this is one of my favorite restaurants in D.C., so I can’t help but revisit it once more – this time for dinner. ♥

I seem to gravitate toward wine bars when selecting favorites (Proof, Vinoteca, Grapeseed). Perhaps they take special care in selecting excellent dishes that pair well with their extensive wine collections? Whatever the case, it’s rare that I find a dish I’m not happy with in any of these establishments.

Proof has been a favorite, ever since I first dined there in its early days (back in ’07?) I love that they have wine tasting sizes, so for the price of one glass, you can sample three different wines. They offer a great selection of cheeses (complete with intriguing descriptions of each), in addition to a diverse charcuterie ranging from prosciutto to duck terrine.

On the Saturday of Restaurant Week, after several days of indulgent eating, some friends and I made a dinner time visit to Proof. Obviously, we didn’t want the eating extravaganza to end. Unfortunately, Proof doesn’t usually participate in RW, and this month was no exception. So while the food was excellent as usual, the meal did range on the pricey side.

First off, the atmosphere. Compared to the more casual and charming Vineteca, Proof is a little more “clean cut,” for lack of a better word, and attracts a much older crowd. I wasn’t thrilled with the dark lighting, which made it difficult to see the food (and to photograph it), and made me feel like I was eating in a cave. Maybe they’re going for the wine cellar aura?

In any case, because of the poor lighting, coupled with my lack of camera skills, my photos came out unbelievably blurry. (;___;) I’m only posting the ones that came out in focus, which aren’t many.

Pictured above is the cheese plate that the table shared. You can order three ($13) or six ($25) from a menu that lists the available selections into cow, sheep, goat and blue cheeses. I don’t recall all the ones we picked, though we did try to get a good mix. My favorite was the one in the foreground, a goat cheese by Pipe Dream.

proof rosemary nuts

Honey, Rosemary & Spice Roasted Mixed Nuts

Mmm…rosemary. I really loved this simple little bowl of nibbly. There was a wonderful herby aroma in every bite.

None of the other appetizer photos came out well. *sad* I had the wagyuu beef carpaccio with sriracha-hoisin dressing, opal basil, pickled red onions, and wonton crisps. The hoisin was sweet and went well with the tang of pickled onions. Loved the variety in texture with the fried wontons and wagyuu.

My friend had the thyme & brown butter basted veal sweetbreads, which was recommended by our waiter. He said it was new to the menu. I had a bite, and they were very tasty indeed.

proof sablefish

Miso Glazed Sablefish with stir fried soba noodles,
zucchini, golden squash, toasted sesame

Here’s the one main course that photographed well, and it’s not even mine. I did taste it, though. Sablefish was something I’d never had before. I found it light and delicate. I thought it was interesting how they incorporated Asian ingredients and flavors with their dishes. (And who would have thought to stir fry soba noodles?)

My own dish Рthe Vadouvan spiced Alaskan halibut with steamed jasmine rice, saut̩ed sunflower shoots, and fragrant coconut emulsion was a great Thai inspired dish with a lot of flavor.

My friend had the scallops (pan seared day boat scallops with sweet corn-shiitake bread pudding, heirloom tomato & basil relish) and said they were even better than the ones she had at Siroc the day before.

proof sticky toffee

We decided to get the same dessert as we had at Vinoteca and make it a Battle of the Sticky Toffee Puddings. This one certainly looked gorgeous, and even came with some delicious ice cream on top. o(^__^)o HOWEVER…Vinoteca still wins out with their fabulous version, which was more moist and gooey than the one at Proof.

Sorry for the lack of pictures! Will try harder next time. XD;;

Holy cow, I want to try it all!


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