Pho 75


Pho can be had in a lot of places around here, including my local shopping center that also houses a Panera and Five Guys. Out of all of these, however, the best of them is located in Rockville, just a little north of the court house and Metro station. I’ve been going there for years, and it’s still my favorite. ♥


A friend of mine insisted that there’s a place in Virginia – Pho 75 – that’s THE best, and so, after much talk and anticipation, she took me out there last weekend to give it a try. It turns out that Pho 75 is the pho restaurant that I remember seeing next door to D.C. Sandwich, the banh mi shop in Falls Church I visited a while back. (^___^)

Pho (pronounced “faaah??”) is rice noodle in broth, topped with your choice of beef or chicken, thinly sliced. I usually get the regular sized bowl of beef brisket, which is almost always “number 15” on the menu, regardless of which pho restaurant I go to. XD

pho75 topping

What I love about pho is that it’s got so much FLAVOR. The broth itself is the highlight of all pho, of course, and it tastes like it’s been made from a stock that’s been simmering for hours. Then you keep adding layers and layers of texture and flavor, all to your own liking. You can add chili sauce and/or hoisin sauce. Or you can pile on toppings that come on the side, like bean sprouts, holy basil, cilantro, jalapenos, limes, and pickled onions. I just dump it all in and get my grub on, chopsticks in one hand and soup spoon in the other!

pho75 soup

That’s what I’m talkin’ about! o(^O^)o I like to put it all together into one spoonful, so I can get a little bit of everything.

pho75 lychee

Gotta wash it all down somehow, right? I love the drinks they have at pho restaurants. My favorite is the milky, pink jello drink, but my photo didn’t turn out very well of it. Here’s my friend’s lychee drink instead. XD;; It was pretty sweet.

My other favorite is the Vietnamese iced coffee, which comes in a single serve coffee press over a tiny mug. There’s a dollop of sweetened condensed milk at the bottom of the mug, and you stir all the coffee together after it’s filtered down before pouring the hot contents over a tall glass of ice. The coffee is really strong, so even when diluted by the ice, it’s still really rich! Love it. Actually, my habit of taking coffee with condensed milk was taken straight from the pho restaurant. X)

As for Fall Church’s pho…not bad at all! I thought it was really great pho, and definitely up there as one of the best in the area. But, I’m not sure I’m so impressed that I’d drive all the way to Virginia for it. Looks like it’s still Rockville pho for me. (^__^)v

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