15 Sep 2009, 6:58am
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Penn Quarter Farmer's Market

PQ market tomatoes

First off, apologies about the previous post on Cafe Atlantico. I was messing around with the edit function on WordPress’s iPhone app and managed to delete the majority of the post! It’s been fixed (in other words, rewritten from scratch), so if you were wondering where the rest of the post was, it’s back. (^___^)b

So, Penn Quarter holds a farmer’s market every Thursday from 3~7pm between the months of April and December. They’re relatively small in comparison to markets I’ve seen elsewhere, but it’s quite accessible at least. It’s located on 8th Street near E, close to the Gallery Place Chinatown Metro station.

I popped over there a few weeks ago and picked up some nectarines. They were incredibly flavorful and juicy! But I suppose it’s never a guarantee from week to week, and I found that the nectarines I picked up the following week weren’t as juicy.

PQ market more tomatoes

I love the variety of tomatoes they offer. Such a colorful array of reds and greens!

PQ market flowers

Aaah…flowers. Gorgeous.

I only took these pictures, but the market has tons of other stuff, including cheeses, cured meats, empanadas, bakery items and more. ♥

I also stopped by the gelato stand for Dolcezza. They keep a shop in Georgetown as well as Bethesda, and carry some pretty unique flavors such as avocado honey orange or ginger cardamom pistachio. You can sample them all, and buy a (half quart?) size for $6. I tried the lime cilantro:

PQ market gelato

PQ market gelato 2

I did sample this when I was at the market and loved it. It’s a tart and refreshing first taste that was perfect for a warm afternoon. However…after bringing it home and having a full serving of the stuff, I was disappointed. I thought the cilantro left a weird aftertaste, and I didn’t like it. I love cilantro, so something has to be wrong with this picture. Maybe something happens to it when you freeze it, bringing out a bitter flavor that’s not too appealing. In any case, this would’ve been better as just a lime gelato, in my opinion.

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