indique samosa

I’ve wanted to try Indique in Cleveland Park for a while, so was quite happy to finally get a chance to have dinner there a few weeks ago for my birthday. (^__^)v ♥

It feels a little more down-home and cozy in comparison to Rasika, and although the tables are a little cramped together, the noise level wasn’t too bad. (Whereas with Rasika, you have to yell at one another across your table to have a conversation during peak dinner hours!)

Pictured above is the vegetable samosa chaat, looking a bit deconstructed. I thought it looked a little messy, but it tasted great (from the one bite I took of it; it wasn’t my appetizer).

The rest:

indique aloo tikki

Aloo Tikki
Potato patties stuffed with spiced lentils, served with assorted chutneys

Mmm…potato patties. Hard to go wrong here, in my opinion. Especially when accompanied by my favorite of the chutneys: mint. Refreshing and lovely, with a slight dash of heat made it perfect with the creamy patties.

indique chicken makhani

Chicken Tikka Makhani
Marinated boneless pieces of chicken cooked in tandoor
and finished with a flavorful tomato based gravy

Butter chicken is one of my favorite of the curries, so naturally, I almost always order this dish at Indian restaurants. Just looking at it now makes me covetous for more! Very rich, creamy, flavorful and never too spicy. I could eat this stuff every day. The curry came with a plate of rice and a small side of daal (lentils). I thought the daal was a little bland, unfortunately.

I also ordered a bowl of cucumber raita. I love drizzling the fresh yogurt over my curry and mixing it all together with the rice. On a side note, I prefer relatively liquidy raita, even though most restaurants (including this one) don’t serve it that way.

indique naan

Breeeeaaad. Can’t have curries without the bread! I think we got two kinds here: the garlic naan and the onion kulcha, both white flour based breads.

As per usual after a great Indian meal, I was much too full for dessert.

Thank you lovely people, for a fabulous b-day dinner!! I had a great time, and don’t think I’ve laughed that hard for a long time. You guys crack me up! XD

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