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I would give you a link to The Counter – a burger chain – but their website pissed me off, so I won’t. (I have a peeve about sites that automatically play music, and this one didn’t even have a mute option, guh!)

Their infuriating website aside, their food is quite excellent and every bit worth the drive out to Reston. Or more accurately, worth the ride out there as I wasn’t actually doing the driving. XD;

The Counter in Reston is relatively new to the area, and they specialize in customizable burgers. The menu offers so many different toppings, cheeses and sauces that it’s quite daunting at first. I had to study it for a while before I could decide on the best combination. As a foodie, I should be able to handle these do-it-yourselfers!

I finally checked off the following: gruyere, roasted corn and black bean salsa, roasted red peppers, lettuce blend, grilled onions, and sun-dried tomato vinaigrette. 1/3 lb, medium, hamburger bun. I did feel quite empowered after ordering my food with so much specificity. I’d do it more often if it weren’t so exhausting.

So here it is, pictured above, my Power Burger. The sauce was served on the side, and I have to say it was the highlight of the burger. As for the meat…the waiter made it sound like their “medium” was more a “medium rare,” but actually…it was medium. Next time, I’ll be sure to order it medium rare.

Btw, I Twittered my meal to Washingtonian’s Best Bites Blog, and I was published! See here.

The rest of the pics under the cut:

counter menu

They give you a handy menu where you can check off items for your custom burger. Nice!

counter fries

The 50/50 fries and onion “strings.” These were both very good! The fries were sprinkled with a red powder that wasn’t Old Bay. Paprika, perhaps?

counter pickles

Fried dill pickle chips with an apricot sauce. Piping hot and crispy!

counter shake

Heavenly apple pie shake. Tasted like real apple pie, complete with chunks of fruit. ♥

i don’t see your twitt

geez, how were we to have known that?!

I think the menu is bit complicated (I mean, the guys at the kitchen should be able to get it fast!)

But the dessert and the chips look really tasty!! *___*

I got to talking with my friend Courtney (Tans?) over dinner tonight about food and she mentioned you and this blog. I hope you don’t mind me sneaking over and checking it out! I’m really enjoying the local reviews, but I wish more were in Virginia. Still, here’s a place in my backyard that I’ve never heard of before! I’m going to have to try your “power burger” next time I’m in Reston. It looks and sounds phenomenal :)

Heya! So you’re the one Courtney mentioned. XD ♥ Yeah, I don’t get out to Virginia very much, but there are some places I’ve wanted to try there. Hope you enjoy The Counter if you do go!


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