7 Aug 2009, 6:17am


Spy Diner

spy diner

A few days ago, I found a tip from the Washington City Paper’s food blog on where to find some great lamb sliders for lunch. Naturally, I had to check it out. X)

The Spy Diner is actually a street cart, located across from the Spy Museum at 9th and F. They mainly serve a variety of sliders, but also have pastries and so on. There weren’t too many people ahead of me in line, but it nevertheless took quite a while until I finally got my food. It was well worth it, though! The lamb meatball sliders are served with romaine red pepper slaw and goat cheese aioli. At $6 for 2, they’re the priciest thing on the menu.

The sliders are really cute and small. I loved how dainty they were! I did have to stop in to Cowgirl Creamery to get a side of pasta salad to round out my lunch.

The other sliders they offer are as follows:

  • Roast beef melt: Emmenthaler sauce, carmelized onions, horseradish bun / $4
  • BBQ pork: Cole slaw, salt and pepper bun / $4
  • All American burger: romaine pickle slaw / $4
  • Tomato & brie / $4

On your tip, I just went to the Spy Diner… though I’d wanted to try the lamb sliders, I decided to try something different and got the pulled pork sliders. My goodness, they’re /tasty/! The barbecue sauce is flavorful and tangy, with a kick that you don’t notice at first, and the creamy coleslaw just rounds it all out nicely.

Like you, though, the guy took his sweet time making the order. Plus I cleaned him out of all his change because he’d emptied out his cash box giving the tourists ahead of me all his bills for a $1.50 bottle of soda they paid for with a $20. Though customer service is huge in my book, I’ll overlook the slowness and go back… maybe give this guy back some of his change tomorrow…


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