14 Aug 2009, 6:26am
japanese snacks:

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Lubera Cookie


Here’s part the second of the Boubon cookie posts. The first one was the Lumond Cookie (my brother emailed me to say that it’s probably supposed to be spelled “Le Monde”). I struggled with how to spell the “Lubera,” as I’m sure it’s supposed to be some kind of real word in French that I don’t know. Since the R’s and L’s get mixed up in Japanese, I did consider for a moment whether it could be “rubella.” Hahaha…viral cookies!

Lubera (whatever) are cigar cookies packed with butter. The package says it’s 12% BUTTER so you know it’s just a butter explosion. In French, these butter cookies are called “langue de chat,” which I understand translates to “cat’s tongue.” (EW?) The taste is so smooth and lovely that you instantly forget the cookie’s odd name and just scarf them up, one after the other. Happily, they package two together so you can indulge a little.

lubera 02

So crispy and perfect. Goes best with a hot cup of coffee in the morning. ^__~

your photography is improving, i like that.

please send


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