central brandade

Central is Citronelle’s more affordable younger sibling, a Michel Richard bistro in the Penn Quarter (right around the corner from E Street Cinema). I’m always quite amused by the large portrait of Michel plastered on the back wall. I dunno if that’s there in case you forget that it’s one of His restaurants. XD;

This was my third time eating here, and I’m always impressed! Although from what I’ve seen, the menu hasn’t really changed much in between. It seems not too many restaurants I go to have a very dynamic menu that way…

Actually, they did have an appetizer special, which we ended up ordering – the brandade with whipped potatoes. Brandade was first introduced to my vocabulary on a recent Top Chef Masters episode (where they were universally praised), so I was most looking forward to sinking my teeth into them. X) They’re basically salt cod fish balls, breaded and deep fried to a crisp. A great contrast to the creamy whipped potato with some incorporated tomato bits. Skipped the sauce, though – much too fishy.

central bacon cheese tart

Bacon and onion tart, which was actually more like a pizza. Very thin, crispy crust with a creamy cheese topping.

central lamb shank

Lamb shank with creamy corn polenta. Also topped with fried onions and large sprig of rosemary. The meat literally fell off the bone! No knife necessary for this tender piece of lamb perfection. I didn’t think you could top the braised rabbit dish here, but this rivals it dangerous close. =9

central bread butter pudding

Photo didn’t turn out so well, but I had to include this because it was DELICIOUS. The bread and butter pudding, topped with whipped cream, caramel, and walnuts. The warm pudding was just OOozing with a buttery sauce. I love bread pudding… ♥

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