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BLT Steak

blt tuna

BLT Steak is an upscale-ish bistro/steakhouse with locations across the U.S. (Caution, danger danger: the website has music! (>__<)"" But happily also has mute button). The D.C. branch is located a block off of Farragut Square next to an office building that has a most impressive skylight atrium a mile high. After a rather amusing happy hour hosted by "Blacklisted DC" on the rooftop of this office building, a group of us headed down eagerly to BLT to partake in their high-end selection of meat and potatoes.

After studying the menu, I flipped it over and discovered a nifty map of the cow, describing each cut and where they come from.

blt menu

It was reminiscent of Alton Brown’s beef episode on “Good Eats,” minus the guys-in-a-cow-suit.

So the menu is a la carte style, which means none of the steaks come with anything. On the one hand, that’s nice because you can pick and choose exactly what you want from a fairly good selection of sides. But on the other hand, you have to be prepared to cough up 10 DOLLARS for creamed corn and bacon. (Albeit, excellent stuff, that).

Okay, so backtracking to the first photo above: tuna tartare with avocado and soy-lime dressing. I only had a bite of this since, sadly, I didn’t order one for myself. It was daaaamn good. Rivals the tuna tartare at Proof! Also came with crispy potato chip type things (pictured behind it).

blt bread pate

Slices of bread with (duck?) pate was the first of two extras they brought out. I’ve never had pate served with the complimentary bread at any restaurant, so I was feeling quite spoiled. XD It was salty and delicious. Actually though, the highlight was the second bread course, which were popovers. They were each about the size of a large avocado, piping hot and oozing with the flavor of gruyere cheese. I’d post a pic, but it turned out rather fuzzy. They provide a nice popover recipe along with it, which was very nice. (^__^)b

blt oysters

I wanted something raw, and there’s nothing like oysters on the half-shell to indulge that urge. Cold, slippery and lemony little mouthfuls, with a choice of cocktail sauce or brownish vinegary liquid (which was pretty tart, but not bad). We split a dozen between four.

blt tomato salad

Vine ripe tomatoes with onion-ginger vinaigrette and burrata mozzarella. Also came with cilantro. Pictured here minus the cilantro.

blt kobe burger

So here’s the deal with the burgers: they’re not on the dinner menu. But you might get lucky with a little cajoling and a hefty tip to the waiter. (Just kidding. Actually, the waiter asked the chef, and they were nice enough to whip up a few, no wads of cash slipped on the DL). This burger was a hefty patty of rich kobe beef, and came with an excellent side of garlic-y french fries. A little pricey though ($28).

IMPORTANT SIDE NOTE: I didn’t actually eat ALL of this food. I just have understanding friends who don’t mind passing their plates down to me to have them photographed. XD;;

blt hanger steak

I’m at a steakhouse so naturally, I had to sample their beef. I got the 10oz hanger steak. Not that I can really tell too much difference between cuts, as I’m not quite a steak person… I think I chose the hanger because it was the smallest portion available. (Actually never mind: you can order the Kobe beef by the ounce, so potentially I could’ve gotten a smaller portion of that. But didn’t feel like shelling out $26 per oz…)

They asked me what sauce I wanted with the steak, and I squinted down at the menu to try to select one. Unfortunately, there was bright flashing light dancing across my field of vision (a consequence of taking too many photos), so I couldn’t read anything. I randomly selected the horseradish sauce, because I overheard someone else ordering the same, lol.

Steak itself was humongous, at least from my perspective, and I could only finish two small pieces before calling it quits. Sauce was not bad. Beef came skewered with a cute plastic cow that indicated how the beef was done (medium rare).

blt corn

Here’s the aforementioned corn with bacon. Very rich indeed, and so very good.

blt spaetzle

The restaurant had a prix fixe menu (appetizer, entree, side and dessert) for ~$60 that night. I didn’t think I could eat that much food so I opted out of it. However…I did order my side of spaetzle from that menu. It was much lighter than the creamy corn side, and had a hint of citrus.

Needless to say, after this tour de force of a meal, we were all pretty much done for. The dessert menu wasn’t even looked at, but the restaurant did provide delicious morsels of chocolate cake that were snapped up as soon as they hit the table. One lone piece remained, unconsumed solely for fear of nut allergy of the person it was supposed to go to:

blt lonely dessert

So there you have it, folks. Pricey, decadent, BLT. o(^__^)o

Oh my god. The pictures. *_____*


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