acadiana soup

After a somewhat eventful evening at Acadiana, I’m a bit uncertain as to whether I can do much of a post here, but I’ll give it a go anyway, hah! (^o^) Scrolling through the pictures this morning, I realized that I didn’t taste half of this stuff at all, so the commentary is going to be somewhat sparse.

It’s Restaurant Week in D.C., as most foodies well know, and Acadiana (a restaurant for southern Louisiana cuisine) was at the top of the list of places to try. I was surprised that I wanted to try this place actually, as I’m not generally a fan of Cajun food. My last (and only) trip to New Orleans is kind of a blur, but I do remember not liking the food very much, aside from the beignets and cafe au lait. (Mmmm….Cafe du Monde). HOWEVER, the menu here looked really exciting, and I’d heard many great things about the restaurant, so was very much looking forward to eating there.

The place was absolutely hoppin’ when we arrived at 8:30 for our trio of reservations. They didn’t have any big tables up for reservations, so we’d put in for two tables for 4 and one table for 2. They were nice enough to accommodate us outside, switching it up to two tables for 5 (placed on opposite ends of the patio, but at least the group wasn’t split up into three parts). This outdoor seating is probably what did me in , but more on that later..

acadiana biscuits

This was a promising start. Nice buttery biscuits, accompanied by a pepper jam and cream cheese. Yum! I wish there was more! (I’d love to have one right about now…) I later learned that the other table got TWO baskets of this stuff! Those lucky bastards! Goes to show you should ask for more if you’re wanting more.

Drinks were ordered ’round the table, with three people getting the “Sazerac” (described on the menu as “Dash of Absente, equal parts Angostura and Peyschaud’s Bitters, simple syrup and Old Overholt Rye Whiskey”). I could smell the potent thing as soon as it was poured. I had one sip, and it was quite powerful stuff! I think you’d like it if you’re a fan of licorice (I’m not). There was also a “Basil Belle” (Tanqueray Rangpur, muddled basil, a squeeze of fresh lime juice, simple syrup, finished with a splash of lemon-lime soda), which I did not taste. And then my drink, the “Southern Decadence” (Peach puree, lime juice, and ginger infused simple syrup) – non-alcoholic. I was already pretty red from the champagne I downed earlier at not-really happy hour, so wasn’t having any more of that. (Damn Asian genes!) I liked my gingery drink…rather refreshing on a hot day.

What wasn’t refreshing (but OMG so good) was my soup, pictured above. Corn and crab – two things I love – in one savory bowl of creamy good eats. Loved it. I’d say it was the highlight of the meal! Very generous pieces of lump crab meat, with corn bits that had some great texture.

Other appetizers:

acadiana deviled eggs

Trio of deviled eggs, which I did not taste. But have heard rave reviews about, and I think these were consumed with great enthusiasm at my table.

acadiana blt

The BLT salad, which didn’t receive great accolades, excepting for the smoky bacon that had something of a freeze dried texture. (Crunchy!)

On to the main course!

acadiana redfish

Blackened redfish, crab meat, brabant potatoes, asparagus, sauce maltese. I didn’t get a chance to taste this one, but I heard it was quite excellent.

acadiana tuna

Grilled tuna, red beans, andouille & rice, tuna relleno, grilled yellow pepper sauce. Was ordered rare, but came out pretty cooked. I didn’t taste this one either, but apparently it wasn’t that grand.

acadiana duck

Finally, we get to my own dish. The duck. I’m a little ambivalent about it. First off, it didn’t look attractive. (I even said so out loud, as the waiter was still serving the main courses. Ooops! I’m not usually so rude, really). As the great Hubert Keller would say, you eat first with your eyes. I didn’t feel like eating. BUT, the first bite was incredibly good. I thought it was very flavorful, and loved the texture of the meat, along with the crispy skin. The menu described it as having a “cane syrup pepper jelly glaze.” I’m not sure I tasted the pepper, though. A few more bites in, and it really began to taste salty. My friend who also ordered the duck didn’t care for it much herself. Nevertheless, I was enjoying it well enough – particularly the collared greens (didn’t care much for the rice though) when all the sudden, I started getting woozy in the head.

Everything became muffled, my vision was blurring, and I felt like I was about to pass out. Hopefully I wasn’t foaming at the mouth or something equally embarrassing, but all the sudden I could sense everyone hovering around me asking me if I was all right. The waiter asked if they needed to call an ambulance. I’m pretty sure I bellowed “NO!” though it probably sounded more like a feeble “no…,” considering how weak I was feeling. Hahahah. Anyway, I was led inside where it was nice and air-conditioned, and they brought me a glass of water and pitcher of ice water with a cloth. I felt much better after a few minutes, and was hoping I hadn’t alarmed my friends too much. XD;; Yikes!

Um…so I’m not quite sure what happened there. I’m thinking it was the heat, combined with the champagne I’d had earlier in the evening on an empty stomach. I’m a real lightweight with alcohol. I’m positive it wasn’t the food though, so rest assured on that account, in case you were thinking about trying this restaurant.

I got back to my table, and the main courses were cleared away for dessert:

acadiana choco cake

Chocolate raspberry cake, raspberry caramel, vanilla ice cream. I didn’t taste this one. =( But it looked delish.

acadiana bread pudding

My dessert: warm raisin bread pudding, butterscotch, vanilla ice cream. At least, according to the website. I’m pretty sure there were nuts in my ice cream though. My memory is a little a fuzzy. The bread pudding was quite airy actually, a nice change from the usual bread puddings I’ve had, which are often heavy and brick-like (in a good way, but heavy nevertheless).

Thus ended Restaurant Week meal #1. There was good, bad, and ugly. I would say that the strengths of this restaurant lies in its seafood dishes, but you have to order carefully. The crab cakes seem a surefire winner on that account. Am a little sad I didn’t get a photo. X)

Three more RW reviews coming up. This has been quite an eventful week. Off to a weird start with the “almost passing out,” but it only gets better from here, trust me.

The photos look amazing, and make me so hungry! I’m sorry you felt faint, though. It can happen so suddenly. *squish* But I’m glad you enjoyed your evening. :)

It was an interesting restaurant, so thanks for giving us a glimpse about southern cuisine, the desserts and the beverages sound really delicious!

Yikes indeed! Hope you are all better now!

Yikes on the not feeling well. Scary!

The desserts and the appetizers look fab, though. Mmph. And your beverage sounds really delicious. The soup, too.


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