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aj scallion 2

This is a fitting header image because the food here is so damn good you just wanna say to hell with food blogging, I’m gonna dig in RIGHT NOW.

A&J in Rockville has some kickass dim sum of the Northern style, and I’m telling you this place is slammin’. This isn’t your cart style dumpling centric dim sum. Instead, you get a menu where you circle off the items you want. (Be sure to go early before they run out of their popular items). They have a separate “breakfast menu” aside from their regular menu, which offers some of my favorites: the tasty scallion pastry (see above), sticky rice stuffed with dried meat, etc.

aj potstickers

Pork pot stickers! Some days when I go, I see this being served at every single table, and for good reason. Mmm….look at that stack of savory stuff!

aj rice and beef

The aforementioned sticky rice with meat. Could be beef, though Washingtonian thinks it’s pork.

aj scallion

Scallion pastry before they were devoured. I also like the scallion pancake, which is a larger, flat version with the scallions worked into the dough.

aj sesame noodle

Wide noodles in sesame and peanut sauce. If peanut is your thing, this is the dish for you.

aj fried chicken

Crispy fried chicken, the topping that comes with the chicken noodle soup:

aj chicken noodle

The broth was great, but next time, I’ll get the wide noodles. The thin noodles were just…okay. I guess not everything can be bomb. As Anthony Anderson’s character says in “Romeo Must Die”: “Some you win, dim sum you lose.”

aj beef soup

Beef noodle soup.

aj beef bun

BEEF BUN. This thing is crazy good. So juicy and full of flavor. Definitely one of my favorites from the menu.

Lastly…this place doesn’t take credit cards, so be sure to bring some cash money!

i know you were trying to get that Romeo must die quote in there somewhere.

Scallion pastries? that does not sound very appetizing.

the rest of it looks good though. how come i don’t remember it being so good-looking when i went?

Wow. *____*

That looks SO TASTY!!! :9

Thanks for sharing your pics!


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