The General Store

general store fish tacos

Recently mentioned in the Washington City Paper, The General Store is a quaint and adorable place off Post Office Road near Forest Glen Metro, and it serves up some tasty down-home comfort food.

Here’s the highlight (which unfortunately I did not get, so I could only watch enviously as it was devoured with much flourish by my friend): the fish tacos topped with guacamole and sliced radish. I did take a bite of it, and they were amazing!

Actually though, everything was really good, including my own dish, the kids’ sized fried chicken meal:

general store chicken

The chicken was so crispy it was not to be believed. Mac & cheese was rich without being overbearing, and the cornbread was buttery and delicious.

general store onion rings

Beer battered onion rings, which I actually did not sample, but they looked really good. XD

I would definitely go back, this time to order the fried green tomatoes, the fish tacos (for myself!) or perhaps the wagyuu hot dog…and equipped with something a little better than my iPhone camera.

Why aren’t you using a better camera? ;)

Hahah. X)

I should’ve asked you how those fries were, so I had something to report about them here!


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