temari meal

I actually had lunch at Rockville’s Temari last weekend, but have been too lazy to post about it until now. (What it is about first thing in the morning before work that gets me blogging?) Anyway, it’s a nice little casual Japanese style cafe, conveniently situated near the Japanese grocery that I frequent in the area. It’s a pleasant place to sit down for a quick lunch, and I’d definitely recommend getting one of the specials, because you get the best bang for your buck. The specials are listed on a board at the bar, not on the menu you get in your hand.

I got the sashimi and fried oyster set. The set came with rice and miso soup, and two appetizer courses! Very nice.

More pics (+ my dessert) under the cut.

temari app

How pretty is this? From the right, that’s Japanese style omelet with some…unknown green veggie, in the middle is an eel with rice (pictured below), and the far left is a mix of gobou (burdock root) with konnyaku flavored in sesame oil.

temari app2

Loved this! I usually only have gobou during New Year’s.

temari eel

Wonderful package of eel and rice!

temari shrimp

This was really tasty. Chilled shrimp with fresh cucumber, drizzled with a creamy ginger sauce.

temari sashimi

On to the main course! Sashimi~~

temari oysters

..and fried oysters! So crispy and delicious.

temari ice

Shaved ice with green tea syrup for dessert…

temari ice 2

..with a generous serving of sweet bean paste inside.

Wow! It looks so tasty. *_____________*

Thanks for sharing!

I want some! Nice photography Lindz. I am starving now … Thanks a lot.


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