rasika naan

This post was supposed to be about Da Marco, an Italian restaurant in Silver Spring. However…because of MOAR delays on the Red Line the other night, my friend and I decided to stay downtown instead, heading over to the Indian restaurant Rasika in Penn Quarter.

Rasika is often touted as THE best Indian restaurant in town, but my experience with the place has been a bit spotty. The first time I went there, I wasn’t feeling most of the dishes that my friend and I ordered between us. =/ But I’ve been back since then for some very good meals, taking care to order what I know to be delicious.

Unfortunately, this time was a bust. Such a shame, since it’d been a while since I’d had Indian food, and I was really looking forward to it.

My mango lassi was too yogurty and not mangoy enough. The flash fried spinach was burnt. The chicken makhani tasted under-seasoned. In all, the experience could be comparable to how my friend’s “curry” cocktail tasted like – it was on the cusp of being incredible, but something was lacking in the very end. I did however, enjoy the company (as we both realized how long it had been since our last dinner), and hopefully next time, we’ll make it to Da Marco, Red Line delays or no!

rasika spinach

This is the palak chaat, fried spinach with yogurt, tamarind and date chutney. I’ve had it several times before, and it’s usually excellent. It’s one of the most popular things on the menu for good reason! But this time, sadly, the spinach was slightly burnt.

I’d post a picture of my chicken makhani, but it came out very blurry. Taking flash pictures in a dark restaurant doesn’t always work out. Although I have to say my naan picture was a pleasant surprise!

I think after all my up-and-down dining experiences at Rasika, I can safely say that Tiffin in College Park still remains my favorite Indian restaurant in the area. ♥

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